Name A Useless Superpower You Would Have

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  1. You can feel love for a rock? The only thing I can imagine for myself would be perhaps a rock that represented something sentimental, like someone you loved gave you a rock so your love for the rock was not in and of itself but representing something else.

    I do think we could love a rock and be loved by a rock if we were extremely in tune with things but I am not lol. Ultimately I think the entire universe is part of God, so the fact that i can enjoy the rock might lead me to appreciate God making it for my enjoyment or something along those lines.

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  3. I hear you, I have known some very sweet people that are more in tune with aspects of love and it seems this world is a but to cruel for them to thrive.

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  4. My superpowers

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  5. Since it is about "useless" superpowers, I think mine would be swirling cacao without hands.
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    The ability to make like a tree. So when people tell me to fuck off at least I can do it right!

    I hope someone gets that reference

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