Name A Useless Superpower You Would Have

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  1. You can feel love for a rock? The only thing I can imagine for myself would be perhaps a rock that represented something sentimental, like someone you loved gave you a rock so your love for the rock was not in and of itself but representing something else.

    I do think we could love a rock and be loved by a rock if we were extremely in tune with things but I am not lol. Ultimately I think the entire universe is part of God, so the fact that i can enjoy the rock might lead me to appreciate God making it for my enjoyment or something along those lines.

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  3. I hear you, I have known some very sweet people that are more in tune with aspects of love and it seems this world is a but to cruel for them to thrive.

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  4. My superpowers

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  5. Since it is about "useless" superpowers, I think mine would be swirling cacao without hands.
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    The ability to make like a tree. So when people tell me to fuck off at least I can do it right!

    I hope someone gets that reference
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  7. I do not get the reference. Do you mind explaning it to me please? :biggrin:
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  8. A Canadian tv show called trailer park boys, one of the characters Ricky mixes up sayings and stuff and said make like a tree and fuck off instead of make like a tree and leave
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  9. ^^^lol... I did the same thing forever ago referencing the old South Park episode with Kanye / fish stix. I accidentally asked my kid if he liked Cheese Stix. When he replied yes, I told him he was a gay fish.

    Farked that joke up royally, but we still purposefully say it wrong to this day, and people just look at us dumbfounded.
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  10. Eating food and not gaining anything. Yes please.
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  11. The ability to turn any of my body parts into buds ( but once removed it’s gone forever) I’d be fucked by end of day one :hookah:
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  12. @bryan oconner stop stalking me and red marking my posts! Youre a troll and you need to be banned!
  13. eat a Mcchicken in 5 seconds. that counts, right?

    "And I thought hurricane season was over"
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  14. To control the Higgs field.
  15. Knowing how I am thinking
  16. Hahaha, I’d like that one too! Haha Or at least the power not to spill any of it..I hate spilling cacao..
  17. Hahaha, how did kid react?
  18. Make my snots wax:RoorRip:
  19. The ability to fart any song known to man... but it only works if I'm naked and in a crowd.
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