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Name a strain

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by StarBuded420, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey can anyone name a few strains that offer a very creative high yet a very laughy high.

    I like the "cheese" strain and "satori". Cheese offers a very laughy high, and satori offers a very creative high. Unfortunately I cannot find something that resembles both of these highs in one. Please help
  2. cross them and grow ur own

  3. Not experienced enough to cross my own. I want to but it'll be a while before i even get to grow.
  4. Maybe try some Trainwreck or Super Silver Haze or possibly Alaskan Thunderfuck. Trainwreck gives me a very strong cerebral creative high with a great euphoria. Super Silver Haze gives a dreamy head effect with a nice body glow. And ATF is very strong and produces a very vivid and energetic high.

  5. Thanks for the suggesstions. I do actually currently have trainwreck and Super Silver Haze in my stash.
    Trainwreck for some reason got me really sleepy. Super Silver Haze is amazing, made me laugh hardcore but i didnt feel to creative.

    I've absolutely got to try ATF

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