Name 2 celebrities you would never expect to have a conversation

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  1. Mike Tyson and Cameron Diaz

  2.  People still talk about celebrities? 
  3. Carl Marx and President Obama .

    Bob Barker and Steve Harvey

    Christian Bale Batman and Adam West Batman
  4. Mel Gibson and Jerry Seinfeld.  
  5. Lmao awesome pic :cool:
  6. Dave Grohl and Tommy Chong
  7. Judge Judy and Snoop
  8. Lisa Ann ("Nailin Palin") and Sarah Palin
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    Charlie Chaplin and Michael Jordan. How beautiful it would be though. Two people of different races, both with Hitler mustaches, locking lips.
    Imagine the irony!
  10. Kim Kardashian and Margaret Thatcher
  11. Megan Kelly and Rachel Maddow. 
  12. Tom Selleck and Hulk Hogan.
  13. Yao Ming and Snookie
  14. George Bush and Kanye West
  15. Morgan Freeman and Mickey Rooney
  16. Eric Clapton and Biggie Smalls
  17. Guise. I totally thought that this thread was about 2 celebrities you never thought would kiss. I fucked up, but all of my matches still work

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