Naked Pics!! - Of my plants! how do they look?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by DrummerMark, May 12, 2011.

  1. I was going to title the thread naked pictures of my sister, but I'm pretty sure that I would of been flamed, banned, threatened or beaten at some point!

    On to more serious things! Just looking for some feed back on my grow. I'm into about 30 days of vegging, and will be switching the light over in about 10 days from now. They havent started to pre-flower yet, but due to limited space, I cannot let them get much taller. I did FIM them today, and hopefully that will help.

    This is my 1st ever grow, I've run into some PH and over watering problems, but hopefully have fixed those since. Still working on the PH issue, but its much better.

    Any feedback?:devious:

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  2. Also the last picture might look a little strange... this was totally a test grow for me, before my Barney's LSD and Dutch Passion Blueberry comes in. I wanted to make sure I at least had a decent idea of what to expect. So I tried doing LST to 3 plants to see if I could do it without fucking it up, and seeing if there was truely a yield different vs. the work that's put in.

    I'm running a grow room thats 5'x5'x6' with a 600W MH lamp.
    75 degrees
    6.7PH (or close)
    60% Humidity
    I'm just into 30 days of vegging.
  3. 91 people have looked at this thread and nobody can give me any feedback? Come on guys.. PH issues, looks good... Drummer, go Fk yourself! Nothing?

  4. hahahaha.. well you fimmed before flower? i would think the stress would delay flowering but i could be wrong.

    nice grow though. lots of green. im on my first grow also in my 3rd week of flower. remember your plants are gonna get huge the first 2 weeks. i only vegged mine for less than 3.5 weeks and theyve already taken over my flower room! :D:D:D:D

    good luck on the grow though drummer :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  5. Yeah, I thought Fimming and LST was all done up until you flower? Am I wrong?
    Well.. I've got 10 plants, and I'm expecting to lose 5 of them... so hopefully that will free up some space.. I'm going to flower in exactly a week from today. I'm just hoping I've got all my issues worked out. I had some overwatering and PH issues that the forum helped me out on. I'd like to go into flowering looking good :)
  6. No worries man they be looking good. I have seen alot of horriable grows They look a little stressed maybe the PH could be Heat. but it looks good keep it going.

    Herban Legends for ever!
  7. Always plan on losing a few. If you plan that way and you dont lose any all the more better.
    Herban legends for ever!
  8. I dont think its heat.. I think its water and nutrients is what's keeping my PH f'd up. I started really monitoring the PH of what I was putting into the plant, but taken a soil sample and water run off sample. I'll do that on Monday. But I think tahts the issue. Hopefully they are looking good. I'm happy for my 1st grow.

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