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naked pics of cassandra! (yes she shaved)

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by YouSuckDude, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. lol sadly magic man...i dont think that will ever happen :(
  2. her answering the question ?


    you actually hooking up with her...

  3. Don't worry Bro, time to whip up some internet peer pressure.


    (You're gonna get so much ass, now.)
  4. yea cassandra, u need to hook up with looserkid
  5. Where the fuck are the naked pics?

  6. Maybe you need to look harder :p

    ...another jk.

  7. So you accept?

    Cool beans.

    Hey LoserKid, you and Cassandra are dating now. No need to thank me.

  8. lol it didnt work...

    lol dude i told her that when we first met lol i dont think it'll work

    lol thanks.

    yeah shes my best friend its all good though i can live with that its not like i have my heart set on one single girl lol

    lol she didnt accept put the bong down
  9. Aw this thread is getting a bit negative.
    It's really nothing to do with LoserKid.

    I'm not really available.
  10. Thats right let him down nice and gently ;)
  11. ya'll some haters. if i wanted cassandra id have her...with my stunningly good looks and cute stoner charm...sheeit...some of the guys out there know whatsup....not to mention every girl loves when their boyfriend freestyles over songs on the radio. :)
  12. why do girls want the guy that they cant have when the nice guy is right there infront of them that'll go to the end of the world and back for her? But they dont choose the nice guy they get the douchebag guy who will treat her like shit for all eternity and she'll go the the end of the world and back for him no matter how many times hes a dick?

    y in the dating world do the nice guys finish last? 95% of the time?

    All girls like what they cant have even Cass. (dont lie). Ill be shocked if a girl gets with the good guy(like myself) shit i got tattoos and piercings and cant pick up girls for shit, i guess im just not skilled in this game. haha peace out fuckers im bout to go light up a blunt
  13. #175 xcccassandra, Sep 26, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2009
    Already answered similar:
    I think more often guys like attracted to what they can't have.
    Some girls are too, but I'm sure it's a lower percentage.

    Personally, I am not like that. I definitely take what I get and am happy with it. Easily pleased? Maybe. But every single person has something to good to offer to a relationship.

    Nice guys are definitely my thing.

  14. will u marry me?

    and i dont wanna wait a few years, my dick is in its prime (19)

    haha, i cant stop laughing at that ^^:D

    shit girls at my age are fucking stoooooopid,
  15. Why have none of my questions been answered, they were valid and legit as they come.

  16. They weren't thatttt legit. Haha..
    They're too direct! It's like you're talking about this one particular girl with weird habits. And some of them sound rhetorical.
  17. All girls cheat when they play Street Fighter.

    That much is true. Square, square, square, square is cheating.

  18. Well if you're impatient.. either look harder or start being more of an asshole :D
    You'll be alright.

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