naked pics of cassandra! (yes she shaved)

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  1. just that i have your attention...while me and her were talking we decided it would be a cool idea to make a thread where you could ask questions about the opposite gender. anything you may want to know or be scared to ask in person or anything. cassandra will be speaking on behalf of the females and me for the dudes :D lol enjoy :)

  2. I <3 your signature.

    (Open to questions!!)
  3. cassandra...why do some fat chicks instead on dressing slutty?
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    don't like the word "slutty" but if you mean revealing clothing, I would say girls......regardless of their weight.......wear revealing clothing because a) they love what they're wearing and don't give a fuck or b) they've learned some men give them attention when they show skin.
  5. Why do some chicks dumb themselves down? Is it because they think men will think they are easy?
  6. Why do girls like to fuck with guys minds?
  7. PLEASE ANSWER THIS ONE. haha i think this has been the question since the beginning of time
  8. They don't if you turn the tables and fuck with theirs. :p

    Cool thread idea.

  9. Well, at first, that question totally stumps me. I am not that type of person.. and cannot imagine what happiness that would bring to someone.

    After some thought, I have a few theories.

    1. They have been hurt in the past by a guy.
    Now, I understand that this is putting the blame back on males.. but, that can be a cause. They are subconsciously bitter and vengeful towards the opposite sex.

    2. They are insecure.
    They crave the power trip that comes with being able to play with another person's emotions. It makes them feel in control and gives them a sense of dominance.

    3. Entertainment.
    They don't take your relationship, or you, seriously. TIME TO MOVE ON :)
  10. whats the best way to approach a random chick you think is hot?

  11. It's not a matter of seeming easy, it's a lack of confidence.

    In marketing, a strategy used is.. if you can't hide it, highlight it as an asset. This relates because since they don't have confidence, they play up their stupidity in replacement. That attracts some (not all!!) men.

    Some men like the feeling that they have to take care of or lookout for a girl. This is the type that fall for these girls.

  12. Every girl is different, and different techniques will work better with some than others. A basic way is to find a reason to talk to them, and try to start a conversation.

    The best way to do this is to be in the moment.
    Listen to what she's saying instead of thinking ahead and feeling nervous.. take it as it comes. The time to think about your reply is after she has spoken. Pause for a second, there is no need to rush and spill the first thing that comes to mind.
  13. are u familiar with the term, tits or gtfo?

  14. Are you familar with the term 4 inches or more, or gtfo?

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  16. ouch man. hostility out th ass?

  17. lol shes vicious dude thats what you get for pickin on her:devious:
  18. That wasn't nice of you.

  19. Yea I have a question. Why the hell don't yall come with manuals?

    If I was the president..every girl at at 16 would have to right an instruction manual as to how they work. Including maybe

    What means what..example "It doesn't really matter"..actually meaning "It's extremely important"
  20. hahahaha

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