Naive Obama supporters.

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  1. Im making this thread, well, because somebody has to stand up and say something. The recent strong support of Barack Obama scares me, no it horrifies me. Obama really did not even have a standing on most issues until weeks ago. Yet people have been backing him like hes the messiah for months.

    His economic plan is nothing short of Socialism, a statement which is undebateable. He wants to increase tax oil companies for one reason, they are making too much profit. Anybody see a problem here, anybody see America at the gates of anticapitalism. Even if he were to go after companies making large profits, why oil? Pharmaceutical companies have been extremly successful and not a word has been said. This is ofcourse becuase the stupid, yes stupid, know nothing obama supporters see rising gas prices and think of one solution, Oh it must be the oil companies fault, lets tax them. Obama responds to that and is literally "hustling" a whole nation.

    His speach was ridiculous, he went as far as promising every thing in the book. There wasnt a government program he wasnt advocating for, a fact which leaves me with one question, wheres all this money gonna come from? Taxes, and more than you can imagine. Im sick of the bs arguement that the rich should be taxed more, how about all the nonrich people have some self respect. Hey look, that guy has alot of money, we should tax him, he shouldnt be rich. universal healthcare is a joke, our country is so indebt it will never happen. Even if we werent in debt we could not pay for it.

    So all of you Obama supporters watching cnn and the others news channels, quit drinking the Obama kool aid. The man has one skill, public speaking, and hes running on that alone. You hear him talk for five minutes and think the man is gonna change the world. People praise him so much it makes me sick. If you guys like him so much why dont you just go have sex with him.

    p.s. I dont support John Mccain but will vote for him.
  2. Obama/Biden > McCain/VPILF
  3. This has been said before. Except more intelligently. You get an F for originality, a C- for intelligence, and a B for length. Now go join in some discussions already going instead of saying the same old thing that people on here have been saying for a long time now.
  4. :hello:
  5. Please learn how to use the search button before posting a generic anti-Obama thread. If you said anything new, maybe it would be different, but I've read the same stuff at least 10 times on this site.

    McBama for president!

  6. haha VPILF

    That is certainly a new one!

  7. Wow... however would us poor, misguided Obama supporters survive without your great wisdom and guidance. Thank you for showing me the light :rolleyes:
  8. Honest question.

    Do you guys expect him to carry out every promise he made?

    or do you realize down the line he is still a politician and though you agree with his plan you realize he won't carry it all out?
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    No, I do not expect him to carry out every promise he has made. I do, however, believe he will start immediate withdrawal from Iraq. Apparently anyone voting for an end to the Iraq War is "naive" and "drinking the Kool-Aid". I also believe that seeing as how he has publicly acknowledged the utter failure of the "War on Drugs", he would be much more apt to make changes to American drug policies than McCain. Apparently all of us college graduates, who are vastly supporting Obama, are naive and being fooled. What an original thread.

    Alas, I'm not American and have no say in this election. But considering what happened in 2000, I hope Americans have their say.

  10. Of course I don't expect him to carry out every promise made. He just represents something different then what we currently have.

    Sweet baby jesus, why is that so hard to understand?

  11. Immediate withdrawal isn't smart though.

    We are leaving in 2011 anyways.

    I don't think you're naive as along as you have your reasons for voting for him. I know several people my age who are voting for him based on nothing and when I challenge them on it they don't want to discuss it. I think its safe to say Obama will get the younger vote. Definitely not saying every young person is like that, I also know some who can back their stuff up.

    Edit: Alright I'll restate the first sentence. As long as you have your reasons for supporting him.
  12. /thread
  13. Why do you keep on insisting that we are leaving in 2011? Nothing is set in stone.
  14. Obama has never stated that he would simply evacuate the area all at once. That would leave a political chasm and an absolute disaster would result from it. He'd be cleaning up someone else's mess and would need to do it over a period of several months. In the New Hampshire debates he stated he would remove between 1-3 batallions per month, which equates to 500-1500 troops per month.

    As for Bush's 2011 claim, I don't believe a word of it. The Iraqis have wanted a timetable and he doesn't want Obama to undermine him.
  15. Obama displayed how inexperienced, naive and arrogant he truly is upon declaring Biden as his VP instead of Hillary.

    Biden brings nothing. Hes not delivering a state, he only got , what like 9000 votes in Iowa, hes meaningless west of Delaware.

    Hillary would have solidified the party and guaranteed his victory in November.

    That was a fatal mistake.

    Sorry i know this is a little off subject, but i'm high and venting.:smoking:

  16. He was trying to cross party lines with the move, bringing in a big war Democrat.
  17. Because he didn't pick purely based on political strategy, that makes him inexperienced, naive and arrogant? Really?
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    Right, so let's jump all over Obama's choice of Biden because it "undermines" his idea of change, despite Biden having one of the lower net values in the Senate. But then he should have picked Clinton, the first lady for 8 years, (and is met with much ire by plenty of Republicans and Democrats alike) and that wouldn't undermine the change he's trying to convey. Yeah, that makes sense.

    Biden appeals to moderates and has a knack for foreign policy. These are two areas he can improve on. On the other hand, Palin appeals to wingnuts, including the Evangelicals. Weren't they going to vote for McCain anyways? I'm going to have to give Obama the edge here. If anything, I view McCain as "arrogant," in his attempt to attract females, particularly the "disaffected Clinton supporters" to his ticket. Palin is the polar opposite of Clinton and McCain voted against the Equal Pay for Equal Work bill. I fail to see how Palin adds much to the ticket.

  19. haha vpilf i like

  20. Biden is an old-timey corrupt politician circa 1969.

    Clinton is definitely more "change" oriented.

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