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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by -4Twenty-, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. I just got it prescribed my my doctor for my chronic nausea as a final attempt to cure my illness (which isn't even diagnosed yet).
    I respond well to THC so I am going to replace the nabilone with all my other medication to keep me from being sick all the time (Prednisolon, Metoclopramide, Ketotifen, Omeprazol).

    I used to toke up with my normal medication to be able to eat better, but it did reduce my tolerance a LOT for smoking weed.

    I am just curious if anyone here has had Dronabinol or Nabilone or whatever other sythetic THC there is out there and if you want share your story on what it has done for you.
  2. I've tried about 6 different meds for my constant nausea and body pain, but find that mmj does a hell of a lot more than those, without the side effects of being dizzy, internal bleeding, the runs, constipation, risk of kidney and liver damage (I should say, damaged MORE than they are now...)

    I've resolved to tell Dr's I will NOT take anything that has adverse side effects related to my health problems (and shaves years off my life), just to relieve (not cure) my symptoms.
  3. I've taken Marinol and Cesamet. Cessmet (nabilone) was quite a bit better than Marinol, but would've run me something like $40,000 a year, to get any sort of symptom control. It was cheaper to move to an MMJ state.

    If your insurance will cover it, nabilone beats nothing. Not by far, unfortunately.
  4. I took Nabilone once.. the guy had the balls to tell me they were THC pills. I'd rather just do it the old fashioned way.
  5. Thanks for the feedback you guys, and yes jahkush I also prefer the old fashioned way of just toking up, but me being rolled up (pun not intended) into corporate life as a filmmaker slowly I have to reserve it for the weekends.
    But throughout the week I really feel rather miserable.

    I've been sick for as long as I can remember and even before that.
    I am going to try it though and I will let you guys know how that works out.
    Unfortunately the doctor who should give me the prescription is on vacation so I'll have to wait a few days.
    Ahh well, I've got enough in my stash jar to last me that long, seeming I dont have to take so much due to the Prednisolon to rid myself of the nausea for a few hours.
  6. Have you tried working on developing an eatables protocol for weekday use? Hard candies, Cannacaps, Tincture...All are used with varing degrees of success for chronic nausea. The synthetic cannabinoid are going to do more to impair your function than the actual plant extracts, if that is an issue.

    Many chronic nausea patients like ginger infused hard candies-if they do not have these at your dispensary, and you're not a good cook, you can actually just microwave ginger chews till soft, stir in hash oil, and form them into balls when they start to cool.
  7. I'll definately try this. Thanks a lot :D
  8. Synthetic THC or THC analogues can't beat the real deal. There is a plethora of research indicating that the 60+ different cannabinoids in cannabis have a synergistic effect. Synthetic THC is overpriced, analogues are overpriced. If you don't want to smoke weed, try tinctures or Sativex (only approved for MS at this point I believe....)

    THC alone is not as effective as herbal cannabis and its extracts, in fact it could be quite dangerous as pure THC can trigger psychotic episodes (it's thought that CBD and other cannabinoids mitigate this effect in herbal cannabis). We really need to keep cannabis-based medicine out of Big Pharma. It would be nice to have a small firm produce standardized tinctures of cannabis in alcohol based on the condition it is meant to treat.

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