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  1. Has anyone ever tried these before? A friend of mine came and gave me some pills that he said were THC pills, I looked them up and idetified them as Nabilone capsules. Each one is 1 mg, he gave me a few of them. So my question is has anyone ever tried these before? What was it like? Similar to marijuana?
  2. It's a synthetic form of THC, similar to Marinol but sold in the US as Cesamet. Never taken it, but if it's anything like Marinol you're bound to be disappointed.
  3. Hmm alrighty then, thanks, I was somewhat assuming that but still had some hope haha.

  4. What's the point of posting this?
  5. Lol exactly what I was thinking.
  6. what was the point of posting either of these, or infact this. It doesn't really help the op. I can at least admit to being a hypocrite here.

  7. this whole situation ironic, I can't tell.

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