NAACP trying to help Nevada get legal

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by 123burnthattree, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. As soon as the 1st hits in January 2015, medical dispensaries will officially launch. :)

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  2. I am patiently waiting for that
  3. So how does it work in America for you guys? As soon as the 1st hits you can smoke legally (obviously if you have a medical condition) or do you have to sign up and register?
    Just curious has NSW (State in Australia) just got medical cannabis and we will most likely copy the American 'Standard'.
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    Each state has individual laws. Some more strict than others. But basically, you either have previous medical records of your condition and get a recommendation from a physician then pay the fees and get a card or some places have their own physician that clear you for the recommendation and still pay the fees. Then once you have your card you can purchase from dispensaries and possess and/or grow whatever the legal limit that was determind to be. I haven't tried getting a card yet but for Nevada i have seen their fee is like $399 for the first time and the renewal fee is cheaper.
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    In your opinion, once medical cannabis is available commercially, does the quality go up or down?
    Edit: or is everything circumstantial?
  6. Quality where? Dispensaries tend to have better options for higher prices than the street. But that is not always true. It is all about who you know. The dispensary's weed is grown by somebody. Find or become that somebody
  7. And that day home grows will be outlawed. No thanks.
    Be ready for 400 oz
  8. Is that actually one of the rules? I know currently you can like 6 plants or something.
  9. Yup. If live within 50 miles of a shop no growing for you. If you don't live close enough you have to pay for a license until
    2016 and then that will
    Be banned as well.
  10. With any luck, by 2016 it will be legal since the petition for recreational got enough signatures. I hate the way they make it seem good but in the end it always screws something else up.
  11. The way they are trying to do away with home grows for medical really makes you think you will be allowed to grow under legal. I doubt it.
  12. Good point. But doesn't it defeat the purpose of making it legal? Colorado and Washington lets you grow still don't they?
  13. Co yes.
    Wa no.
  14. Well that was hardly a win for Washington then. Politicians
    If you are referring to Medical then you are mistaken.
    Washington currently allows the holder of a valid recommendation to grow up to 15 plants.
  16. Not for long. They have been trying to stop those rights away. Medical will be a thing of the past.
    Why would they need medical when they can force every one to buy shitty over priced weed from rec stores or you will still be consider a criminal.
    No thanks.
    What should the people of Washington and Neveda do in order to change these laws?
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    Don't be so Desperate. Why can other states such as co, ak and DC pass sensible laws while others can't?
    People take the bait at the First chance they get and are now fucked ex. Wa and NV.
    Fl not passing that bill was a good thing if you know it or not.
    I bet there will be a better revised bill next time around. That may be a year or two from now but It will come.
    Actually, in Florida, big trial attorney John Morgan for United for Care, has revised the initiative for 2016, but now it's even more restrictive. He totally caved into Sheldon's (Las Vegas casino mogul who pumped 5 million into the opposition campaign last year) prohibitionist propaganda assault late in the election. Even so, we still got 58% of the vote. Just 2% shy of the constitiutional amendment required for Morgans initiative. I believe those 58% that voted, and a shit ton more that didn't vote, want a liberalised mmj program in place like CA, CO, or WA. We don't believe you need to be on deaths door to get a prescription; however, that's basically what we're now getting in 2016. And get this, we have to collect 700,000 signatures all over again because they changed the wording on the new initiative for 2016. If they didn't change it, I believe those signatures collected last year would still be valid for 2016. So I don't know wtf to think about that.
    But to ansewer my own question. The people of NV and WA, hell, even CA and CO, need to continue to fight for their cannabis rights. The prohibitionist are going to be continually on the attack trying to dismantle these programs. I fear the stoners who intially got involved with these efforts will become complacent and wake up one morning to discover their freedoms got voted away.

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