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Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. Im looking for some decent games for the N64 system..to give an idea of what im looking for, along the lines of viligante 8, (games that may be a long the lines of GTA for the other platforms) and shooter, first person type action games..if anyone plays or has heard about any decent games, maybe quake, or doom..drop a line..I dunno if anyone even has 64 anymore..but worth a try! :)
  2. i used to have a couple, but i always end up selling it. some good games that i remember off the top of my head are : golden eye 007, perfect dark (better than golden eye), super mario 64, mario kart, zelda ( either one ), wave race.. those are all i can remember right now, sorry!
  3. damn samus got there before me... i was gonna say perfect dark... it sounds like exactly what u are looking for.

    the one that lasts as a multiplayer (other than mario Kart tho) is F-Zero... wow thats a GREAT stoner game! we used to race until someone had 100 points with a joint break once someone hit 50... or if we wanted a heavy session it was a joint break at 33 and 66. ahhh... good times :)
  4. all of the mentioned games are pretty good, might wanna check out road rash 64 too, if your into racing in a fast sports bike while hitting other racers with bats and chains and wrecking them heh that game kicks ass
  5. i just remembered a really good one, super smash bros. it isnt as good as super smash bros melee, its bigger bro for the gamecube, but its definitely the best fighter on n64! just like smash bros melee is the best fighter on gamecube, maybe of all time!

  6. but that's hardley saying much... the ninty64 wasn't known as a good console for beat em ups.... in fact... it has been the worst for beat em ups ever. the only other offering that was worth a hoot was MK4.... although i never played killer instinct on it (KI was excellent on the snes tho! hehe, showing my old-skoolage there)
  7. aw thanks..I had perfect dark in mind, also Ive heard super samsh bros was a really excellent game as well..thank you guys for replying..if anyone else has any input, !!!! share! :)
  8. if youre looking for a decent platformer that will make your side hurt from laughing (well me anyways) then get conkers bad fur day, its really funny
  9. Perfect Dark, F-Zero X and Smash Brothers are all awesome games, (Melee surpasses it though).

    I'd also highly recommend either of the Zelda games. The first is my favourite game of all time and the second is quite similar with a few improvements in gameplay but it just didn't grab my imagination as much as the first.

    If you like Wrestling at all, you must get No Mercy. It is so fun it is unbelievable. The replay value is phenomonal. Make sure you don't get one of the defective ones in the first pressing though like I did: it made you lose all your saved data every now and again, I still didn't get sick of it though. If I didn't have a defective version, I'd probably still be playing it now, a few years later.

    As far as platformers go, Mario 64 and Donkey Kong 64 are the kings. DK64 is my favourite platformer of all time.

    Finally, you can't go wrong with Mario Kart 64. I think it was released in '97 and MoogleK and I still play it on multiplayer these days.

    Longish post, but please read it all, every game is an absolute classic IMO.
  10. I thought I'd add, Nintendo rules. I own a NES and an N64 and they are both legendary. I've had the NES for well over a decade now and I still crack it out and give it a whirl every now and again. I'm gonna have to try and get a Gamecube for the new Zelda game too. Damn it! So many things to buy, so little cash.
  11. time i started a ninty poll...
  12. YAY! fuck it :) i bid on vilgiante 8 2 OFFENSE off ebay and won the damn thing! it wasnt exactly what i was going for, but I get all hyped up and excited when i go on ebay and have something kind of specific i want..I had to get my mind off of bidding on anything else, cause Im kind of in the 'buy now' mood..i was looking at perfect dark and dk64 my hand was violently shaking over the mouse that was on the confirm button..SO, I did thoughbuy the bus game. thats all I know about it. and im not even sure it has anyhing to do with a bus
  13. Golden Eye is the best fucking multiplayer game on this planet!

  14. someone has obviously only ever owned one game in their life. :p


    F-Zero, Mario Kart, Bomber Man (some were crap tho), Perfect Dark! (how could you not know its better!??!??), Monkey Ball (monky fight in particular heehee), Quake, Diablo, Diablo 2 (and expansion), Total Anihilation, Warcraft2 and 3, Comand and Conquers, Risk, SOUL CALIBUR and dozens of MMORPGs! you're missing out on a whole lot.
  15. conker's bad fur day was surprisingly fun for multiplayer stuff, they had a few games and modes you could play, in one you had to fight each other for a bag of money and escape from a high security bank or something, another one was a squirrels vs teddy bears version of pearl harbor (strange but violent and amusing) and I think there was a mode where you just try to kill each other. it's kind of like goldeneye but with squarrels and a whole lot more profanity, plus the single player mode was okay (but a little boring, 3D platformers never seemed like much fun to me)
  16. Star Fox 64 is fun but way too easy. The first time I sat down and decided to try to play it through I beat it. It doesn't do justice to the original Star Fox. And another fun game is Rush 2049. It's a lot of fun to play while drunk, too.
  17. what about......

    - Rainbow 6 ( sic military op's game)
    - mario tennis

    and a few others that already have been mentioned.....
  18. Vigilante is AWESOME!! I still have it for dreamcast.

    By the way, I recommend every one of you that like svideogames to go an buy a dreamcast RIGHT NOW. they are like 50$, games are like 10$, theres over 500 games, and it probably has the best game library for any system ever made.

  19. this was sooo fun! it was tough after a few cocktails too! running around in circles :)
  20. u guys got to all the good games first well the kind she is looking for.

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