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  1. You can't attach a picture you've already attached to another thread, fine, but come on, vBulletin, do you have to erase my whole damned post when I hit the "back" button to fix it?

    There's no way in hell I'm retyping everything I just typed. Grr.

    Synopsis: Growing 2 strains, both bag seed, but one of them is a single plant, the rest are called "crack weed" by the locals, and yes, it is one specific strain that we always call that, not just a grade of weed.

    I started a long time ago, the unknown strain started a few weeks before the rest, it's the biggest and I'll show that off first. Sorry I didn't start this journal from the beginning of the grow, but ask questions and I'll try and remember what I've done this time around.


    Picture 1:
    (scroll down)

    Picture 2:

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  2. :D

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  3. Flowers are from sexing. Won't go away. Finally stopped getting bigger after a week of continued growth after returning to 24/0 light. This was my only mystery plant that "took", so lucky me, it's female through and through ;)

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  4. Currently using shop light with 2x Verilux vegging flouros because I am a cheap bastard. Gets the job done, desperately need to repot the crackweed plants (as you will see) and I'll be introducing a 250-400w HPS as soon as I figure out how the hell to get or make one for under $150.

    Also using 2x15watt wall-mounted flouros (bulbs = one cool white, one plant/aquarium). Scroll up to see those.

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  5. HIGH All, *LOL* sorry for laughing -n2p2k..do you know how many times that's happened to me *LOL* a real pain.

    Nice little lady you have there -n2p2k. What kind of food you feeding them?
  6. BoB- Thanks! I will check that out. That's my ideal price to be spending ;)

    unoit - Well, as I mentioned in other threads, I was [am] using Schultz' potting soil with time release nutes, with an NPK of 8-12-8, and then in addition to that, miracle gro with chelated iron in the water every other (or every third) watering.

    This particular miracle gro is 8-7-6 and designed to be fed with every watering, so the soil and miracle gro take turns (well, really, the feeding is just stronger and weaker instead of on and off) - the plant you see is potted in that kind of soil, but I JUST got back from the greenhouse with a soil pH tester and I have a big bag of lime in my closet, so between that and common household items I will have no problem correcting for the pH and allowing the plant to take up all those beautiful nutrients just sitting there, when signs of lockup start to show. I feed much less (other than water) to the plant you see there, because its soil is much fresher than the soda bottles full of roots which you will see later when I take pictures of the actual crack weed itself ;)

    When the plants were very young, I just watered and let the soil feed them. This works well for the first month of veg or so, but then you start to see the problems with the nutrients leaching too quickly and messing with the soil pH. So, as you recommended, I am not going to be using that in the future. My plants have not suffered greatly from it, but they haven't exactly taken it without consequence.

    I also picked up Scott's potting soil for african violets - pH balanced for healthy roots and glamorous shine.. wait.. is this a shampoo commercial? :p African violets have similar pH requirements as our preferred flora, and I also read that this particular stuff was recommended somewhere a while ago (but I didn't know why at the time). No extra nutes in this stuff. I also picked up some perlite to add, even though it already has some in it.

    I am going to scavenge my shed later, which I know has fish emulsion in it and may also have some bone and/or bloodmeal to add to the soil. The plant you see is the oldest and I'm just kind of letting her veg out while the rest catch up... THEN it's gonna be flowering time, time for bonemeal and no more miracle gro. Only chem during veg and sexing, org during flower.. that's the way I want it!

  7. I checked the soil pH of one of my better plants, 6.0. I need to up it about .5, and I have a 50 lb bag of dolomitic lime (overkill, but it was that for $2.50 or the 5 pound bag for $5.00! The price is in the packaging apparently).

    Only problem is, the tester gives adjustment instructions for pounds (of lime or sulfur) per 100 sq. feet, not even a volume I can scale down for my purposes. Square footage.. what the hell? Yeah, maybe if I decide to grow a freaking field and get hardcore busted. I could never want THAT much.

    I am too burned out and overtired from lack of sleep last night to go googling right now.. can any of you show me an easy answer to how to apply the lime to up the pH .5? Containers are sawed off 2 liter soda bottles with about 3 1/2 inches of soil in them. I can't even think to approximate what volume that is right now, but I hope it's useful information if you are able to help.


  8. what size pots are those? or did you say youre using 3 liters to hold your medium? and if you are, how big is that girl??? sorry about the math thing, i am no help to you there :)
  9. The big pot is 5 quart / 1.25 gallon. This is the size I am going to use for all of them. On the small side for soil, but I am growing them semi hydroponically therefore I don't need as much (and anything bigger would be a problem with current space and light restrictions).

    The plant you saw is 3 feet tall. Most of them (still in those soda bottles) are actually about the same height, but NOWHERE near as bushy.

    The soda bottle ones are the ones I am concerned about. I want to correct their pH before transplanting them (or atleast begin to correct it). Again, they are standard 2-liter soda bottles, cut off about 4 inches high, and the soil is about an inch (or less) from the top in most of them. That's all I know! :smoke:

    -n2p2k (I have really got to set up my sig so I can stop typing this.. and I thought "NtothePtotheK" was a pain..) ;)

    edit: Just to be fair, I think they under rate those pots. I could easily pour the entire contents of two 1gallon milk jugs into one of them.
  10. so, youre growing soiless basically? wow she looks very healthy for her size and there seems to be no evidence of any type of nute burns, hatz off :)

    will you be taking clones from her? would seem such a waste not to, looks to be some good genes there

  11. Thanks!!!!! :)

    SHE isn't soilless, but the rest essentially will be. Her medium will "become" soilless mix as the slow release plant food nutes get used up (probably already getting there), and in the mean time I will be checking her pH periodically and adjusting as necessary. Otherwise I am going to feed her just like everyone else, she'll just have a little more to start with than the others. Fish/kelp emulsion and Miracle Gro 8-7-6 w/ chelated iron will be the food for the rest of veg (I couldn't find any bloodmeal which I wanted to add to the new pots, but she's already situated anyway and I don't want to mess with that). When it's time for flowering, everybody will switch to fish/kelp emulsion and liquid bone meal! No more plant crack for the crack weed! ;) I want them to taste earthy / outdoorsy by the end.

    Again THANKS! I agree, she is very different from the crack weed and although I like both strains I think she has better charecteristics overall. I am thus far VERY BAD at cloning, or perhaps I have just had bad luck, but I will sure as hell try when the time comes.

    Hey, what are your thoughts on turning her into a mother after harvest? Maybe a little crack weed + mystery weed will result in a good sativa/indica mix. (in fact, save your answer to that until you see pics of the crack weed ;))

    Did I mention how much you guys rule?

  12. Sorry but I am a picture quality whore. The filesizes are pretty big (40-80k for the big ones) but I find it very frustrating looking at small, low quality images of plants. Without further ado, I introduce you to the strain which gave this thread its name - Crack Weed!

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  13. Smallest, bushiest of the c.w. (most have atleast a few pretty big internodes :rolleyes: )

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  14. Same girl from side view

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  15. This one always puts a smile on my face... sure, a few huge internodes, but the tallest of the c.w. bunch, bushy enough up top, 2nd set of internodes will make up for it. Hooray for deceptively hydroponic growing ;)

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  16. top view of the above gal (feel better about her now?) ;)

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  17. There you go, example of older leaves failing due to lockup..

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  18. another shot of lockup probs (diff. plant)... roots are surfacing all over the place, too, the solution to these problems is to repot.. ASAP!

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  19. Must wait a bit longer to re-pot, as the soil is still quite damp from last watering. Will post pics of the process of doing ONE of them... no need to show you every single bit of maintenance.. just the big ones ;)

  20. w00t! This bird was the first to dry enough to repot. Given how dense the roots were I may not even need to wait for the others to dry out [if they're the same, and they are]... damn!

    Ok so first.. squished the sides of the container a bit, loosened it up.. put hand around soil and base of plant, turned it upside down.. a little shaking and it slid right out.

    Then, look how rootbound it is.... going to have to do something about that. Sliced 4 slits in the sides of the root ball plus used scissors to slice thru each "foot" of the soda bottle shape.

    Squished the compacted root ball around a little to make it less... compacted. Heard a little crackling and splitting, some roots must be sacrificed if it is to grow prosperously in the new soil... it will recover and then root out much faster than it would have if I just stuck it in the new pot after step 2.

    Also brushed the floated perlite and other crud off top of the rootball.. one clean ball of roots... no excess crap!

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