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  1. Hey I am thinking about starting to grow but am alittle unsure about my conditions. I have a windowsill in my bathroom thats about 2ft by 2ft. it faces west so the sun shines right in. If I planted some seeds and placed it right on the sill would they grow? I wouldn't use any lights just old fashion sunlight. And should I leave the window slightly open to ventilate at all or what? Any other tips would be very useful and welcomed
  2. yes they will grow but you will have problems getting them to flower as they will need 12hours of total dark every night.
    do people other than yourself use the toilet in your home? guests? workman? can anyone see into the window from outside?
    consider the time of year u plant them and how tall they will b by the time they start to flower.
  3. No I am the only one who uses the bathroom. Can I put a tightly weaved cloth over the window or something that reflects light on the window at night couldn't I? that way it gets its darkness.
  4. ^^that^^
  5. Well I will grow during the summer. Our sumemrs are mild to hot and the window will stay aprtially open. And I dunno which strain to grow. whicher will get me high and won't grow enormous. something llike that. Any suggestions on which kind would be nice. thanks

  6. turn the bathroom light on at night and it stands out a mile.

    the constant change in light types is not good.
    even sun on a poor day is normaly better than a cf

  7. get a fast flowering type. an early outdoor strain?
    the faster it flowers the less time you spend putting it in the box.
  8. walk past a house at night when the lights on inside and they only have nets up.
    now picture a 3foot dope plant in that window.

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