N00bie question about MP3 players and docking stations - especially docking stations

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    I'll admit that I'm not up to speed with hardware components designed for listening to music. Actually I'm way behind! I didn't know what a docking station was until today.

    I overheard someone say this this:
    "If I were single... ipod witha BOSE dock all the way for your house or apartment! No questions asked, it is THE HOT SETUP! It's not as good as a full system but its something your guests will love!"

    Question: do you really need a Bose or Altec Lansing docking station if you already have a quality 5.1 speaker system hooked up to your computer? For example, I have the Logitech Z5500's. I've never owned an MP3 player, that's how inexperienced I am with this subject. Thanks in advance.

    docking station:

    my z5500's: [ame="http://www.amazon.com/review/product/B0002WPSBC/ref=cm_cr_pr_recent?%5Fencoding=UTF8&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending"]Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Logitech Z-5500 THX-Certified 505-Watt 5.1 Digital Surround Sound Speaker System[/ame]
  2. The bose dock does sounds absolutely incredible, but if you already have a decent 5.1 then it really wouldnt be much of an uprgade. Probably slightly better sound quality, but with a little less oomph.

    But it is good for convenience/placement. Your computer speakers are, well, with your computer. if you wanna move them, kind of a hassle. The bose dock you can put anywhere, somewhere with really good acoustics, and you can chage your ipod at the same time.

    Its worth looking into, at the least.

    I used to work at best buy, in the ipod section, and we could put the bose system on, and you could hear it clearly on the other side of the store, during operational hours.
    (huge store too)
  3. You overheard someone saying that? Lol did you happen to be at an electronics store at the time?
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    Thanks for the great info, J-Pimp. I certainly apprecitate your feedback, especially an opinion based on real world experience. However, I just found some interesting information that conflicts with your opinion.

    Update for those who live in an apartment, have space issues, or are interested in docking stations:

    According to a PC Magazine article I discovered yesterday, the Logitech Pure-Fi Elite docking station blows the Bose docking station away. And, the Bose docking station is an inferior docking station on the whole, according to PC Magazine.

    The short article is titled, "This iPod Dock Rocks". It's in the March 2008 issue, page 47. I'll note that they comment on the inability of the Bose unit to provide quality, ear pleasing bass.

    The article I'm referring to is not available online. Some quotes from the hard copy edition of PC Mag:

    >compared with the Bose SoundDock, the Pure-Fi Elite has deeper bass extension
    >it also sounded smoother and more detailed than the SoundDock in the upper midrange
    >one gripe: the system did not always power on quickly
    >we were also disappointed that the set doesn't have an alarm clock...
    >the bottom line is that the looks, punch, and price steal the show here. The Logitech Pure-Fi Elite turns heads and pumps out top-notch sound quality at an attractive price

    Those are the exact quotes as stated in said issue of PC Magazine. Go to your local library to obtain the article. As always, shop wisely, do your research, contact tech/customer support BEFORE you purchase a product, and most of all, let the buyer beware :D

    PC Mag 500
    Amazon.com: logitech pure-fi elite
    iPod Docks That Rock - Logitech Pure-Fi Dream - At A Glance - Reviews by PC Magazine

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