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[N00b] Transporting Green - Help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by The Lanky, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Ok so, heres basically what is going on.

    My buddy 1 said he can get me a 1/4 of dank for 60 bucks. Sounds good, since me and buddy 2 are splitting it $30/$30. Since im giving him (buddy 1) money and he's getting me bud a couple days later, he agrees to let me hold his $160 bong, as proof that he wont rob me. Hes also a really good friend and i trust him dearly (no homo).

    Anyway, im gonna get it at school, after the end of the day.

    I have a problem though. Im getting a ride home from my mom on one day, and not the next. The walk home is an hour and 15 minutes.

    So, im wondering whether i should get it when im getting a ride home? or take it the day i walk home.

    The green will be in a ziplock and the ziplock in a cleaned out hand cream container, like a crucible with lid type of thing.

    I dont want to fuck it up for my mom incase of anything, so im wondering whether i should take it and take the 20 minute drive home, or take it and walk the hour home?

    I dont mind walking if I have to though.

    What should I do?

    Please and thanks,
  2. youll be fine in the car. just wrap the cream container in a pair of gym shorts or something and just toss it in your bag and keep your bag zipped
  3. Take the ride! Not worth walking. Like the previous poster said, try putting the container in your bag or something, just don't get in the car with the cream container in your hands, as your mom could ask you to have some to rub on her hands haha.

    Basically, you will be allright if you keep the container in your bag. It won't smell in the car. It's definitly worth taking the ride and not walking 1h15m.

    Have a nice day,
  4. would u really be that paranoid that u would rather walk an hour and 15 mins then take a 20 minute lift? man ur not gona get caught aslong as u keep cool and act casual and as previous posters said just make sure the container is zipped up in ur schoolbag or whatever
  5. okay, it doesnt matter whether or not you walk or drive, (but i say drive if you have it in an airtight concealed container) NEVER front somebody with your money. Ever. Theres a 25% chance that your never gonna see the bud no matter how much you trust the guy.

  6. I dont think you read the whole thing. I have his $160 bong. Do you seriously think hes gonna rob my 60 bucks and let me keep something worth more?

    Also, thanks to everyone that contributed! :D
  7. dude it doesnt really matter unless your mom searches your stuff, just keep it stuffed under some clothes in your backpack or something and you're golden.

  8. None of us give a fuck if your gay, so the no homo tag is ineffective.

    Also, it sounds like your still in school, to young to be here, and your parents don't know about you smoking.

    Anyways after being grumpy, bring a pill bottle or film bottle (2 or so) or a mason jar and put it in those, then put it in your bag. If not, just put it in the bottom of your bag and put the AC on and roll a window down.
  9. I love how everyone hates on the age. I turned 18 in march, and my car is in the shop, so i dont really have rides. I can always bus it if i bring a few bucks.
  10. I say walk its much healthier to walk, aslong as you act cool and unsuspicious.
  11. just stick it in the bottom of your backpack, try and forget about it, thats the best way, so you dont feel paranoid at all, just make sure its sealed and sit back and enjoy the ride. the only way your parents will know is if you act different then normal, cause there is no reason for them to think otherwise. Dont act all jittery and talk normal.
  12. Take the drive obviously, a quarter isn't enough to bug out about haha your mom won't notice and the cops aren't going to search the car.
  13. Your being too paranoid, take the ride man. If the bud is super smelly double bag it, or wrap it up in a spare shirt or something.
  14. Put it in a big plastic bag (your container) then seal the top with clear hockey tape or duct tape :)
  15. Wait so you are paroniod about your mom but not about doing the deal at school? What is wrong with people? You know how much trouble you can get it for have bud at school, if your parent catches you it is one thing but if it a school or law enforcement it can really mess up your life.
  16. yeah chong definitely has a point. and i would say take the ride. i dont know why youre so paranoid about this though. havent you ever bought herb before? does it matter either way? are you wanted and if the cops see you they are gonna arrest you? this is a stupid survey/thread. get the bud as soon as you can and smoke it.
  17. I said after school in my post.
  18. Seriously..
  19. Seriously serious about posting seriously... ?
  20. dude you dont need to be so paranoid, I mean the trees are in a ziplock bag thats inside another container, how will your mom possibly smell it? transporting bud is only a big deal if you make it a big deal...

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