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N00b - Not feeling the same head high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PandaPoop, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. So I'm pretty new to this, my first time getting high was about a month ago, and I have smoked maybe five days since.

    But each time I'm high, I feel like I'm not getting the same sort of head high like everyone else. I get this feeling on my back where I feel like I'm a toothbrush, and my back is where my bristles are, and my bristles are rubbing against another toothbrush, and it just feels so amazing. So I just sit there and rock around in circles or back and fourth a bit.
    And yesterday when we were smoking, I walked through a spider web by accident and it just was the weirdest feeling in the world. I don't think I can explain that one. Overall I just feel weird and have these sensations, with just simple things like walking.
    I also seem to zone out and get tunnel vision. And things like, have this cartoon overlay, but I still have a very strong grip on reality, and am not ''trippin' balls'' like the other people seem to be.
    So last night when I was feeling like this, I thought maybe it was just myself being fooled in my head that I was high when I really wasn't, so I went at two different times and just took pictures of my eyes, because at the time they didn't look 'stoned' (whenever I smoke, they don't seem to go red, just glossy), but I figured I could look back later and then see. So today I came across the pictures and my eyes were pink, and I don't know, I just don't really know where I'm going with this anymore.

    But has anyone felt similar?
  2. So you got high and walked through a spider web while all your novice toker friends acted like they were tripping out? Sounds like you got high my brother, congratulations. It feels great doesn't it?
  3. Haha,
    It definitely does feel great, strange and weird, but in a great way.
  4. That's exactly what being high feels like bro! Don't worry about if you're having a head high or body high, just go with the flow.
  5. take a nice big bong rip and inhale it deep, you'll be 'trippin' like your friends hahahaha. but yeah that's pretty much what being high is like, people who trip out and won't stop geekin get pretty annoying pretty fast.

  6. man thats what bein high is you dont trip balls only beginners act like they do so they can be "cool"
  7. You might of smoked different strains such as indica or a sativa which are too very different highs or a hybrid strain which has a lil of both ..... Look it up and maybe that'll answer you question but enjoy those first few highs and try to get as stoned as possible go for walks with your friends to get some fast food or to the mall or theatres or whatevr cause those first highs are gonna be the best highs you ever have
  8. Awe to be young and experiencing trees for the first time.

  9. That's why I posted on here actually, because I felt like I wasn't getting that same 'head high' as everyone else, but every time I've smoked, it's the same stuff through the same method as the others

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