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  1. hey all, this is gonna be my first grow.

    right now i have 2 2week old plants. both are jock horror. the one on the right in pic #1 had a bug problem so i covered the soil with gravel to stop the gnats from landing on the soil / being able to breathe ( recommended by someone else )

    currently im growin them indoors under one 42 watt cfl that emits 2600 lumens. theyre in solo cups in a teeeeeeny box so the lumens psf is maximized.

    once they grow more ( to about the 6th node ) im going to top them, grow them for another week and then move them outdoors.

    here are some pics of the plants:

    a few questions:
    1. why does one plant only have 2 leafs on one of the stems in pic #2 ( one main one and one sticking off the side, dont most plants have 3? )
    2. how much bigger will they get before they outgrow the cup ( they are only about 2-3 inches tall and are in shitty soil so i dont think roots are that developed yet )
    3. are the colors of the leaves showing early signs of any nutrient problems or ph problems?
    4. once i plant them outside ( beginning of july hopefully ) the plants wont be able to grow too much because they will be planted late, so should i use bloom ferts around august to try to get them flowering earlier?
    5. any advice would be appreciated

    ps pics coming soon

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  2. it's all looking great :)
  3. update:

    i attempted to transplant the larger of the two plants into a bigger container with better soil but in the process i managed to rip the rootball to shreds so now i think its gonna die :/

    anyways how long until the plant starts showing signs of dying
  4. Don't be so sure it willl die. Just let it go it's way. Don't put it in direct sunlight/artificial light until she starts to look fine again (if she does). Let her go her way, sh'ell probably look down a bit for some days. I wish you and your ladies (hopefully) the best luck.

  5. ok i took it out from under the light and now its jus sittin on the floor w/ a fan blowing on it

    can i put it back under the light in say...17 hours when i turn the light back on for my other plant that i didnt transplant? or can i put it back under if it shows no signs within like 6 hours?

    also, when i plant it outside, how much dirt should i dig up and loosen? im thinkin a 5 foot diameter circle about 4 feet deep ( 2 of them of course )

    and if i give it flowering nutes in like mid july ( plant will prolly be like 1 foot tall by then i hope ) will that give it enough time to flower nicely by september or so?

    any other advice would be greatly appreciated
  6. how did you go about transplanting? the way I do it with the solo cups is to take scissors and make 4 to 6 cuts on the edges of the cup around the top and then peel them all down and carefully slide your hand under one side, then use your other hand over top of the side closest to you for support and move it in the new pot (already filled with soil). works great for me.. rarely mess up that way. for the holes I'd say 3 by 3 would be enough.
  7. yea i used the upside down method. it worked and the soil stayed together until i put it in the new container crooked and tried to fix it. :/

    also i jus checked the plant and its leaves are droopy so im gonna put it under the light and pray.
  8. What weather do you have where-ever you live atm?

  9. this week the temp is supposed to be mid 70's to low 80's F so maybe on wednesday or thursday ( next week ) ill find a spot for them outdoors to plant.

    also, the plant i thought i killed seems to be doing better, i even think it grew a little. one of the leaves has some dark shit on it. im not sure if its dirt or it got burnt but all of the other leaves are doing fine.

    ps if the container is clear i should wrap it w/ black stuff to keep light from gettin to the roots correcT?

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