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  1. Hi all. This is only my 2nd year growing and my 1st year of supplying nutrients.

    My Sour Tangy is currently showing the following problem where the lower leaves are turning yellow. My initial googling was suggesting that it's a nitrogen deficiency. I give 2Tbsp EarthJuice Grow and 1tsp EarthJuice Bloom served weekly. My current day length is 14h in NorCal. I was thinking I'd switch to more bloom once the day gets into the 12hr range.

    Some more googling was suggesting that it could be overwatering, so I removed my drip line but things haven't turned the corner just yet.

    Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.
  2. Forget the nutes

    add soil to the brim

    water well

    good luck
  3. Sometimes in the veg state the plant puts all the nutrients toward the top of the plant. Leaving the bottom fan leaves to turn yellow. I would sweat it too bad.
  4. Thanks all for the recommendations. Fingers crossed.

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