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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Budweiser, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Ok well this is my 1st crack at outdoors(a little expirence indoors but nuthin major). This is takin place in N. FL and im thinking about placing my order Mon. w/ http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/. im kind of overwhelmed at what to choose b/c they all sound so good. was leaning toward THC bomb and purple WW but if u guys have any suggestions for a forgiving strain im all ears. Also was thinking about opening a PO box at the post office to have them shipped. Good idea or No?? AND is it worth it to buy Femmed. seeds?(crop isnt gonna be big maybe 8 or 10). any how, im still trying to figure out when to plant but im leaning toward the 1st week of march(im new to this so if im stupid wrong please tell me). I was thinking about goin from little daisy tray pots(like 3.5-4in square pots from garden centers) up to 5gal, then in the ground. Not sure about soil prep. the native is OK but not great. for fert im shooting in the dark when it comes to organics so any tips are greatly appriciated. soil prep? i suppose that'd be the 1st step(i mean the native soil, i can get the pot mix down from the guides).

    it deff seems like GC got some pros so any suggestions would be a big help. post results later, thx :wave:
  2. as far as the seeds who cares send em to ur house your not growing there.. theres no point in a PO box you gotta use ID to get one.. and if the cops show up witch is unherd of. but lets say they do let em com inside n see that ur not growin that will be the end of that...but i really doubt that would happen..

    planting in march is fine but if the plants get put in the ground there gonan be monsters. 6'+ so yea you might have to LST them..

    as for soil i love my MG garden soil... but i do not recommend to anyone since 90% of ppl burn there plants up with MG soil as it has added furts. and ppl like to add furts on top of the already furt'd soil and they kill the plants...

    but what i do recomend is a miz of native soil perlite peatmoss and som menure compost.. you can find a soil mix ratio here in the outdoors section.. but you will want to get your holes dug and soils put in so they have som time to cool off be4 you put you plants in them... som soil mix's tend to get to hot so they need a little bit to cool off
  3. I like that site, got a few female Medi seeds from them, 8 out of the 9 that survived came out female. And they also send 5 free seeds! 3 out of the 5 of them ended up female, so right now im sitting on 11 females, it seems the free ones were Super Silver Haze.
    Got a good laugh at how they were sent though. Havent had any problems with them. I heard about it from a friend, and he had some nice stuff come off of them.

    Ill see what i can do about getting some pics up. I havent taken any in 8-10 weeks or so. Right now they are 25 days into flower and I think looking real nice. Only thing, I let em get a little to big before I changed the lighting over.

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