N.Y. Rep Resigns After Claim He Sent Shirtless Photo to Woman on Craigslist

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  1. Well that was fucking stupid. See I'm willing to criticize people on my side of the aisle. That's something so many people in America seem incapable of doing. I'm glad this guy resigned. I don't want someone lacking basic common sense anywhere near federal legislation.

    N.Y. Rep Resigns After Claim He Sent Shirtless Photo to Woman on Craigslist
  2. If it was a Democrat we would be getting lectures on how its his private life and we have no business judging him.
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    Yeah Clinton anyone? But no seriously any part of a government representatives life should be up for public scrutiny. They lose their privacy when they run for office.
  4. Really, he quit because they caught him trying to hook up with a woman? Not even a hooker, just some random woman.

    I could see gay, or trying to source a sheep or something, or a kid, but a woman?

    What is he - faking being gay to get the vote so being caught with a woman would be a bad thing?

    You would think that trying to find a plain vanilla woman would be something a republican would want to be caught at doing?

    Or is he married? If he was married I could see it causing trouble, but most christians [like Carter] can get bonus points for crocodile tears and begging for god's forgiveness.
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  6. He probably quit while he was ahead.

  7. No I think he quit while he was trying to get some head.

    Some people are so easily embarrassed, while others can shamelessly screw the whole country and just ride away in a wheelchair, smirking.

    It's all just good conservative-ism, he'll probably be starring in a new reality show with Sarah Palin soon.

    "Quittin' Time"
  8. Dude is jacked for a representative.

    At least he sent it to a woman and not a 16 year-old boy.

  9. Exactly.

    He definitely had some other skeletons up in there for him to bolt like this...
  10. no wonder NY can't pass MMJ, too busy taking cellphone mirror pics :p

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