n toxicity/gnats=BIG PROBLEMS

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  1. hello.im new here so let me start from the top but i want to keep it short and sweet :)
    i found out i had fungus gnats so i added sand to the top and other things to stop them eg. completly letting my lady dry up to the point where it was wilting.
    that didnt work, so now i have added gnat off and yellow sticky traps
    now that i finally think this could work, i found out i have gotten nitrogen toxicity OUT OF THE BLUE??
    newer leaves are dark green and clawing but i never had this problem through out veg and now im in week 1 of flower.........
    the stems are weak and dropping but i think that could have beeen cause of underwatering.
    the bud sites are really light green too??
    what can i do to stop the toxic from killing my baby? was it only cause the fungus bastards were munching my girls?
    everthing is in check, ph, temp, humid,hps
    the soil was just some shit i got cheap but i would expect to underfeed not bloody OVERFEED??
    i am not adding nutes you see...just ph water.
    thanks in advance!!

  2. Can you post pics?
  3. not atm bro in dark period.
  4. Pic's.  Of the whole plant...
    Your verbal assessment/description means dick...
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    i will have pics up now, camera is not the best.sos

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    Not to be rude, but...... they are in nice small pots, are you unable to take them out of their grow area to pose for pics under some "natural-ish" lighting? And get in a bit closer, not zoom but physically closer? Not trying to make ya work hard, sure would be easier for all to help you is all.

    If they were dried up a bit and still looking like claws, i would flush with 3 times the amount of water compared to soil, clean known good, neutrally ph'd water. Let sit a week and dry out. Then if you use nutes or plant food, it would be time to feed her. 1 week into flower is fine for a flush imo, the plants still don't even know they are in flower yet =).
  7. Fuck the gnats, throw a slice of potato on top of the soil for them to eat that organic matter rather than your roots. With the fly traps n such you should be fine, they are more annoying to you than the plant. Invest in a few "no pest strips" about 15$ at canadian tire. As long as you keep decent organic matter in your soil for the gnats to feed off, your plants will rarely suffer. When your plants are harvested, micro wave your soil to kill off all bugs and reuse it. Gl
  8. thanks for reply bro, i will get better pics up soon, when these pics were taken i had just watered them with gnat off, so they were abit droopy, havent seen any gnats so far :) the plants have perked up abit since the pics but the clawing is still there.I will do as you said next watering i will flush with gnat off again then start on nutes.
    one thing i dont understand is how did the nitrogen toxicity started i havent added nutes or anything been in the same soil since seedling??
    if you got any ideas to that much love.
  9. In previous experience whether it be N itself or a lockout of something else causing the plant to uptake what it can ( in this case nitrogen ), it is generally due to build up of something in the soil, be it a bi product of the plant, of the microbes in the soil, the water used and or how often watered. So many factors i guess.
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    sand maybe?? i hope the flush helps em.
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    Jebus, honestly looking awesome. I really dont see claw ( a couple tips pointed down may be very early indication, but not something she can't work out herself ) . I see some tips kinda wandering off in one direction or another, a couple almost wanna be taco-ing. I think you are doing a really good job!

    Overall she looks happy with the way you treat her!
  12. thanks for the good feedback bro means alot :gc_rocks: , so you think she will sort it out herself? if thats the case i will just let her do her thing i suppose :confused_2: hope for the best
  13. Your plants look great!  Don't sweat the small stuff.  It's a very rare occasion when plant leaves look 100% perfect 100% of the time.
    Stick with what you're doing...
  14. ah thanks man, i feel somewhat relieved now
  15. Sand if too thick on top layer can choke off soil gas exchange. Diatomaceuos earth works better for insect larvae than sand. I have used panty hose over the pots to keep adult gnats out of the soil. You can minimize the gnats by keeping medium dry on top, but that's not an end all solution. Nice grow!!  

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