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N-P-K list of organic ferts for your help

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by maina, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I am extremely pleased to report that the putrid smell emanating from this evil concoction is almost gone now 5 days since the above quote. I actually stuck my nose within a couple of inches of it today and I didn't gag. I was worried as hell how I was going to get rid of that goop. Plus, taking a wag at it I'm guessing there is something less than 1/4 of the organic matter left to digest. Amazing!

    I'm now closing in on transplant tasks (about 1 more week) and I am def going to use this stuff at a 1:16 ratio unless anyone thinks that's too strong or too weak.

  2. Lemon Skins (ash): 06.33/1.0

    what do you mean by that? take a lemon, take the out skin of it and burn it? then put the ash in the plant soil mix? sorry if its a stupid question.. im rly new in this...
  3. Possuum38North

    A couple of things....................

    If you were to add a tablespoon or so of either/both live yogurt (Yoplait ain't gonna cut it) and miso paste, the high levels of lactobacillus cultures will help to keep the smell down - big time.

    EM-1 would be a better choice but almost anyone can get their hands on yogurt and/or miso paste at Whole Foods, organic co-op stores, etc.

    To apply this concoction, take a gallon jug and add 1 cup of your brew and fill to the top with good clean water. This would be the appropriate amount for using as a soil soak.

    For a foliar application, I would suggest cutting that amount in half. That is erring on the side of caution as the expression goes because I'm not a hi-dosing gardener - less is almost always best.

    Let us know how it works for you!

  4. Yes - you are correct. Though I can think of any number of other ways to get to a specific nutrient profile without having to dry and burn lemon skins but that's another story for another day perhaps.

    Good question!

  5. well im planting 2x lemon skunk and 2x nirvana so i thought it might give them some more taste of lemon.. im propably wrong tho :p! well do you know how many lemons should i use per pot? and how i dry them? same way as mushrooms? 1 paper towel down then put skins on and then put a black t-shirt on them. add a light of 40watt and leave them for 24 hours? :confused:

  6. My suggestion would be to get a handle on MJ growing basics before trying to tackle the lemon ash method.....just a thought.

    Threads are stickied for a reason. Read them, love them!!! :love: Check out the Noob proof seed starting mix sticky in this forum. It is incredibly valuable information regarding the initial stages of growth. GL!!

  7. Damn Possum........I got the giggles reading that post and getting a visual of you stifling your gag reflexes:D:D:D.....Thanks for the laughs. Glad to see that the microbes have toned it down considerably and I'm curious as to how well it will work.

    Take care bro,

  8. Outstanding advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm a grower who strives for finding the 'cutting edge' solutions but not at risking growing my medicine. I take a plant and isolate and then play with whatever process/ingredient I'm interested in looking at.

    IOW, I would never risk the viability of my medicine on a fun-filled spree of trying this or that. Trying things IS important as part of a learning process as long as it doesn't interfere with my ultimate goal which is to grow legitimate medical-grade cannabis.

    YMMV - as usual.

  9. hey LD,I know you and a few other people in the organics section can help me with my mix for my soil...lmk if i should make any changes...thanks [veg. mix] [Sunshine mix organic]oyster shells,dolomite lime,azomite,chicken manure,fish meal and worm castings...[flowering mix]everything in the veg mix plus power flower{organic mix of bat guano,seabird guano etc. in one mix}also some green sand also with your suggestion of fish bone meal...lmk if i'm missing anything...I also add dirt from where i live which is Hawaii[maui]...I will also water with bio-comp from house and garden all through veg. and flowering....thanks for the help...

  10. Two words.....KELP MEAL!!!:D
  11. :hello:
  12. Rippa

    Like Music City said - add some kelp meal. Once you've done that I'd start bagging it up and selling it.

    Just a thought.................

  13. Thanks music city and LD for your help....maybe I"ll send u guys a sample of my mix from Hawaii...
  14. Would someone care to offer opinion on why this "stuff" could quite possibly be the WORST stuff you could put in your soil mix! It's $1.89 at WallyWorld and I think it's pretty rotten.

    Am I wrong or is this stuff just garbage?

    I'm going to drive the 120+ miles to get some quality humus next time.

    For update on my dynamic accum tea and the egg shell experiment check out my journal.

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  15. At least it's priced correctly...................
  16. LOL! 'Nuff said!
  17. Anyone ever use coffee grounds? I have an endless supply and was wondering if anyone had any experiance.
  18. It's garbage, or worse "sludge", Yeck! And, if I had to make an assumption on the prolific fungus gnat problem I am experiencing with my current grow I would take a stab at this unsterile, non-quality, source of garbage as a likely nesting place for larvae.

    Don't ever use this stuff indoors. Just keep on walking by it at the store and save your strength for hefting something of much greater quality than this crap. The remainder of mine got dumped in the stream.
  19. Hello,

    Very interesting list and a great thread, folks.

    I've been going over the list and found a few typos:

    Apple skins(ash) : \t\t\t0/3.0/11/74
    Clover: \t\t\t\t2/0/0/0 (also contains calcium)
    Hair: \t\t\t\t14/0/0/0
    Lemon Skins (ash): \t\t\t06.33/1.0
    Mud (salt): \t\t\t0.4.0/0
    Rapeseed meal: \t\t\t0/1.0=2.0/1.0=3.0

    Under 'Plant Based' (which needs a couple 'Enter's before it):

    Cottenseed meal \t\t\t7-2.5-1.5-1.5 \tca 0.5 mg 1 s 0.2
    Soybean meal \t\t\t7-1.2-1.5-0.4 \tCa 0.4 mg 0.3 s 0.2

    Most of the ones I've pointed out make it hard to understand the actual N-P-K referred to.

    Thanks :smoke:

  20. great post!! makes me wonder what id grow if i had a lil bit of everything in my pots..

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