N-P-K For Beginners (like me lol)

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  1. N-- NITROGEN.
    Nitrogen helps make plants greener and grow faster.

    Phosphorus. Is good for root growth, disease resistance, seed and fruit growth, and for blooming and flowering.

    Potassium can help with increasing root growth, with drought resistance, and with disease resistance.
  2. ah that seems right on

    see what else there is...

    calcium. pieces of calcium in soil will act as a "ph buffer" and basically a exchange site for ions between metals and microbes in the soil.
    metals, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, etc. important for branch strength, making soil enzymes, and plant resistance. plants actually use quite a bit of these enzymes and thrive in soils with a "full" mineral profile
    Si Silicon. a most-mobile element. like your plant's skeleton and it transfers elements to the plant upon contact, making it suitable for correcting a nutrient deficiency (or mixing in soil in advance).
    S sulfur. stinks. helps terpene synthesis and found in stuff like fish meal or gerbil/goat manure.

    those are a couple. probably more

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