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  1. Hey, I know I have seen it posted but cant find it now :( When and how much and how long fertilizer? That like all I dont understand fully yet, fertilizer, when, how much, when to change blah blah and blah...
  2. From what i've been told it's basically follow the instructions on the box and do it approx once a week.....you could start out with a weaker amount and slowly increase it......and when switching to 12/12 start using the flowering fert but don't feed via the leaves.....Peace out....Sid
  3. so like a 10-10-10 when I have 18/6 on...see I was going to do 24 hours light till it popped out of ground then 18/6, so from planting seed(after germinating) I would go with the 10-10-10??? And then when it starts to follow and switch lights to 12/12 go with 10-60-10? And is that when the first leafs form or when? What fert do people recamend? Like how oftern, errrr to many questions still :(
  4. as far as i know fresh soil has enough fert in it for you're plant for the first 3 weeks....i know the lights should be on them 24/0 for a while...as to how long i don't know i did it under flouros for a week until she was at least a couple of inches tall, and then on 18/6 under MH and now onto 12/12 and the 10-60-10 would be used at this point. she is approx 2' tall but seemingly you can trigger flowering when she is 8" high depending on how much product you want per plant and in you're allowcated timescale.....Peace out....Sid

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