N°4 MFJ with tent ☆ 5 Autos. 14L/3Gal Pots.

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  1. Grow 4 for me blades!
    Let's get straight into this......


    I've got 5 places to fill and 3 or 4 are already taken up. So I have space for 2 suggestions. ..... I'm after something indica heavy and no lemon taste. And from the vault :)

    Just ordered my tent, so an upgrade from my wardrobe (can put my clothes back in now haha)
    Size is - 1.2 x 1.2 x 2m
    Seems ok for 50 quid. Metal poles etc :)

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  4. Is this spot working as your journal/ ride along? Anyway I'm in,
    My beans should be here tomorrow or so, gonna be running 3 fast and vast autos from herbies, inside a 28x28x63" tent , in a 20 gallon plastic tub full of living organic soil, with a sip set up, under a Mars II 400 and Mars 300,
    What's your medium, and light are you using?

    Ha, got me a front row seat:)
  5. Now obviously these Heilsengberg Specials are on the way soon so I'm gonna do one of those. And then I'm piggybacking those h specials with this order tonight :)

    So I need to pick 2 out of the Lennon, red poison or axt or an additional h special :)

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  6. Or again I could pick any other strain from vault. Got £20 to spend on beans :) suggestions!! No lemon. That's it haha
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  8. Front row seats indeed lads :D

    I've got a Mars 96 reflector series panel & 250hps. My mate has a 600w ballast lying about so I'm gonna grab a bulb for that in a week or so.

    Bit for now the led and 250 will be ample.
  9. Unsure on medium to be honest for this time round.
    If you see my last run in my last thread .... http://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/1385814-MFJ---3rd-grow-thread---Auto-Cupboard

    I used 40% perlite & 60% plant magic old timers soil. With a few spoonfuls of bat guana powder. All mixed in. And just used the old timers grow, bloom, bio silicone and I think It was bio bizz liquid seaweed.

    Don't see a reason to change but I'm going to be doing some photoperiods in a few months with different soil but I am yet to learn about all that :)
  10. Subbed mother fucker !!
  11. Cheers man glad to have you along :)

    Just looking at seeds.

    Currently looking at Tyrone specials from Memphisto & Auto bubble from Female seeds.

    But I'm open to suggestions as I said. Just autos this run. . . .

    Next up the kosher kush cuttings I'm gonna grab, not 100% yet so will leave that chat for another day haha.
  12. Last crop got about 90 grams in total. 2 axt pulled about 28g and the blue diesel 33g

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  13. here's the special kush I just harvested . Good freebie from the vault . I just got 3 oz off a one gallon and the smoked is awesome as well ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1455828281.835311.jpg

    Great to be here bro and can't wait to see what you do on this run . You did an awesome job on the last run in spite of a few obstacles in your way
  14. Yeah man it's all good. This time I'm going to plan it out a lot better. Make the most of what I have got. And also learn from last times mistakes like doing it in a cupboard expecting no smell haha 😂😂
  15. Just ordering some white cheese autos and a auto purple both from feminised seeds .
    Along with the comparative order :) just medium now!
    smoke looks awesome man
  16. Not from feminised seeds. I don't know why I put that this blue diesel has battered me today haha 😂
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    Gonna be doing a bit of research into lst over next week or so, any help you can give me along the way. .. anyone, would be much appreciated 😆

    So my 5 pots will consist of:


    1) Auto Jack - Paradise Seeds

    2) Blue Amnesia - Ministery of cannabis

    3) Auto Purple - Pyramid Seeds

    4) White cheese - Dinafem

    5) H' Special - Memphisto (Vault comparative)

    Time to wait for the tent! (1.2x1.2x2m)

    Glad I've found this thread I'll be reading back through :)

  18. Cant wait to see whats to come!!
  19. Might even chuck an axt in too if there is enough room haha
  20. So just an update to the lighting.
    Just bought a 600w super hps dual spec bulb to go along with my Mars 96 reflector.
    Just need to grab a ballast off mate now.....

    It's in his ex gf garage though so could be a pain to get haha

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