N Deficient?! please take a look

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  1. Never seen anything like this before, but this is my first time growing Jock Horror.
    Started with the main cola then moved to the rest of the cola leaves moving down the plant.
    In the pics the edges look white but they are actually yellow, with a tiny bit of brown tips but very little brown.
    Using all organic nutes, this started prob about a 4-8 days after a flush and fresh organic nutes added. No Problems with my other plant.

    ill add more pics if needed.
  2. Looks like nute burn not n def
  3. Nute burn from organics? thought that was pretty hard to do.
  4. Yeah, the plants are lying to you. :rolleyes:

    Classic nute burn. With all of the info available it amazes me that so many try to hard to get more, that they get less. Don't push your ladies.

    As to organics being fool-proof or whatever, chemicals are chemicals and your plants do not care where they came from.
  5. I just never had nute burn affect the Cola leaves first it always hit the fan leaves and I usually get brown spots with crispy tips not a discoloration, like the green is reseeding from the edges. I got a few grows under my belt so I know nute burn, I'm not saying ur wrong, it's just I've never seen nute burn like this before so to call it classic makes me wonder. Any other opinions? If someone else says nute burn I'm doing a flush hahahaha.
  6. How far into flower are you? What kind of organic nutes did you apply last? Very beautiful plants friend. The damage looks minimal. Dont feed them anything else for the rest of flower if you added plenty of P_K into your soil mix you should be fine.
  7. Thanks voodoom, I'm about 3 Weeks into flower, I was using general organics bloom 2.4.4

    so you think is nute burn as well?

    I may have to do a flush, damn flushing a Scroge is such a pain in the ass
  8. Bump. For more thoughts.
  9. It doesnt look that bad i wouldnt flush it just skip a Feeding day or 2 and it should stop.
  10. 2-4-4 organically would not burn an established plant in flower. Let it ride. Maybe a Jamaican guano tea week 6 (wink wink) if you have it available.
  11. I got a couple looking the same. Thought it was a magnesium deficiency. "Boy was I wrong" added nutes, that burnt it, so i re-potted them carefully new growth looks fine now. but I am only 4 days into 12,12 just to sex them and then its back to 24 ,7 and cloning, then back to flowering, and then i will take clones, that will be next crop, should have 35 females but i am just making sure last grow i got pollinated lol
  12. Adding nutes to nute-burned plants is a novel solution. :D
  13. I am my plants worst enemy I know but i am learning what not to do lol

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