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  1. I thought we could use as a thread to identify and bust common growing myths.

    Let's see what you have heard.
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  2. modern microbes are better then old school microbes.
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  3. Out with the old and in with the new. lol
    I haven't heard that one yet.
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  4. "Enzymes" kills plants" - a new one. Hard to imagine what kind of mind could dream that up.

    "Chemical salts are required at the end of flowering in order to get 'really good' dope" - sign of a really shitty grower.

    "Elemental calcium in this mineral compound is a 'liming agent' but elemental calcium in this other mineral compound is not" - it's like returning to 7th grade science class

    "If I don't add (fill in the blank) to my soil, then it can't possibly be there" - i.e. NPK gardening
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  5. 24 - 48 hours of darkness before harvest will increase the frostiness.
    Not sure who sat there and counted all the trichs to come up with this one.
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  6. refering to all the new microbe products out there that claim better yields cause thier microbes are better yadda yadda. modern microbes and mammoth microbes are two brands i heard of, im sure there are more.
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  7. If you build or buy an expensive compost tea brewer, put on a lab coat and sit in front of your (also expensive) microscope that this will somehow translate into better crops and plants.

    Then there's the whole "fungal dominant" or "bacterial dominant" hogwash...

    Then there's the "compost tea suppresses plant disease"...

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  8. That's the sum-total of the ACT canard...
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  9. It's good to let your pots dry out in-between waterings.
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  10. Anything to do with brix (computer wanted to autocorrect to 'bris').

    More is Better.

    There is a minimum pot size for 'no-till' (Seriously, no-till is a concept just like mulching. Dry dirt mulches the wet dirt underneath it, a 2" pot undisturbed for 2 years is no(t)-till(ed).)
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  11. are you telling me im wearing this lab coat for nothing?! :laughing:
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  12. I thought it was just your mother dressing you funny.:poke:Bolt

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  13. my mom is always telling me to dress warmer, she just wanted me to have better meds all along, lol!
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  14. This should be a big seller in the Southeast USA!
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  15. that human technology grows surperior plants than plants in soil I.E. hydro is better than soil

    cloning is for advanced gardeners only ( i find it easy to clone )
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  16. Using the terms "autoflower" & "quality" in the same sentence...
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  17. The phrase "pH does not matter in organics". Move this to the very top of the list as a myth as nothing could be further from the truth. Of course it matters.
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  18. From the No till revisited thread


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