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mythbusters while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fashox, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. so who else likes to watch mythbusters while they are smoking

    [ame=]YouTube - Mythbusters - Season 7 Episodes - Demolition Derby Special - Rockets Pancake Car - 2009 PART 1 HD[/ame]

    ^some crazy shit^ :eek:
  2. Mythbusters is the shiiiittt. I don't have like real cable in my cable box. So i have like 13 channels and I watch the discovery channel and that's it. Mythbusters is awesome....Who doesn't love Kari Byron...especially when she's got that .50 cal


  3. oh god dont remind me. im so in love but she will never be mine :[ lol :smoking:
  4. Mythbusters FTW, sober or high.
  5. I love Myth Busters. One of my favorite shows sober or high. Being high makes it even better lol(like most things).

  6. Hot! And I never watched mythbusters while high (not because I didn't want to, just never got the chance.)
  7. I like Mythbusters regardless of my stoned status.
  8. It is a good show, high or not.

    n Kari is soo fine bt we all know that lol
  9. If you like mythbusters high, check out mythblazers :smoke:
  10. Mythbusters rock.

    I used to hate the show, but after actually watching it a few times it gets more and more addicting.
  11. Me and my friends were just talking about this the other day ... for sure
  12. God yes. Especially when you have a case of the giggles. Think of everything they say pervertedly and you'll die laughing.
  13. HD nature shows are the best while high. planet earth, life, blue planet, etc.

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