Myth or Truth?

Discussion in 'General' started by LakaiDude89, May 3, 2006.

  1. my friend that went to rehab for a day heard that if you put toothepaste on an orange peel, and let it rot for a couple weeks or something it will give you the same effects of eating acid.
    sounds ridiculous to me.
    but does anyone know about it?
  2. ....the hell..?

  3. 100% Tru.....FALSE.

  4. um... i highly doubt it. im pretty sure that it takes a really experienced chemist to make acid. toothpaste is so unnatural that it probably wont change at all and the orange peel will just get fungus all over it which is gross but probably not anything that will make you hallucinate.

    it just sounds like something you tell someone when there high then they do it and u laugh at them cuz they just ate toothpaste and a moldy orange slice.
  5. was he high at the time??
  6. I've heard the same thing a few years back. Generally, when I hear shit as off-the-wall as that, I tend to disbelieve it. Not always a good idea...but, good when it comes to drugs.
  7. Someone misheard something.. That makes acid as in something that will burn through shit, not acid as in LSD-25.
  8. almost sounds as crazy as the whole 'electrical banana' thing :D
  9. search

    found this:

    and another:

    Found these from "Ask Dr. Hemp" at

  11. I'll try this shit as soon as all the other drugs we can use/abuse get boring... so basically, never.
  12. I don't know... I kind of want to try that, but at the same time I'm kind of sketched about EATING orange peels AND tooth paste. That can't be good... anyone here want to try it and give a trip report.
  13. neighbor, those quotes made me go :confused: then mister dr hemp talked about also getting high from dried nanner skins and that made me go :rolleyes:
  14. Lol that one site made you stick a toothpaste covered rotten orage up your ass! Now thats desperate!
  15. lol this kid once asked me if you mix gasoline and orange juice together will it make an atomic bomb.

    While I highly doubt the validity of a "orange peel and toothpaste supository" do what you want I guess...
  16. I gotta say... I thought that banana peel thing was bullshit. But whatever, I'd be interested to know if it really was or not.
  17. Come on guys, you know you want to try it :) Please?
  18. God damn it! Don't you get it? It's bullshit. The Dr. Hemp thingy. While it is halarious, it changes everytime and you can tell that it is complete bullshit. It's probably like the bananna and sprite thing. You Know :p it makes your gullible, desperate stoner friend puke, while you point and laugh.
  19. thats from fightclub..

    they said oj+gas = napalm..not true.
  20. if you put enough of those biodegradable packaging peanuts into gasoline so that it gets thick you get napalm... :ey:

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