myth busters

Discussion in 'General' started by easy rider, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. anybody seen myth busters? on the discovery channel i think

    i dunno i just was wondering

    they have the best damn job :)
  2. yea haha, we watch that shit every friday in my 2nd period class jus cuz the teacher is a stoner and he likes to make things as easy on the students as he makes things on himself.. haha, we talked about how they used lsd on soldiers back in the day on wednsday, but back on the subject..

    yea, myth busters is pretty sweet
  3. That show always makes me want to get high and like build something.

  4. i felt the same way about junkyard wars
  5. hahaha, thats sweet, me n my friend made a catepault that can launch a golfball about 20 or so feet, haha, quite interesting how junkyard wars inspires stoners to shoot hard objects 20 or so feet....
  6. holy shit, im watchin it right now, i dont usually tho just a coincidence
  7. Dude, junkyard wars could quite possibly be the best show ever! Think about it. You play with a ton of shit, buil things that so stuff, and then do stuff with them!

    Its like Legos on fuckin' steroids!

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