Mystery sprouting in month-old pot?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pngwyn, Mar 23, 2012.

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    So I have a tiny bud sprouting to the side of my 1 month old Afghan. It's my first time growing.. is my best bet to pluck it, or let it grow a bit and try transplanting for an extra plant?

    I just don't know if letting it grow even a little bit will hinder the growth of my current plant.. I also am not 100% sure it's MJ.. but I received the plants as clones and the soil is new besides a little from the clone cups so I can't imagine what else it would be.

    Here's a pic
  2. LOL! I have 2 whitewidows in one big container, and I also found one in the corner of the container. But I planted a germinated seed there, but that one never came up so I planted a new one. And I couldn't find the seed that didn't sprouted at the time. I tried to take it out to let it grow in a veg room because there it didn't had the room or the light to grow. Now, while I tried to dig out the little sprout I accidently pulled it apart because it was wrangled in the roots from the 2 big ones haha.


    I'd say let it grow if it gets enought light and if you still have some vegging time to do.
  3. Do you think it'll detract the nutrients from the main plant significantly?
  4. That little fucking thing in the middle?

    Thats not mj... for future knowledge if it was a seedling, on day the first day i saw it id take it out so the roots wouldn't extend too far out and get damaged from being scooped out.

    One seed per pot my friend
  5. yea i agree its not MJ. your using soil or wood chips from outside.
  6. Those cotyledons are way to small for a marijuana plants! Lol
  7. Lol thanks for the responses guys.. first time growing, didn't expect to have a mystery plant sprouting.

    I use bagged soil/bark so I imagined there wouldn't be anything else sprouting from it.
  8. Well, I had that seedling coming above soil some time back like I told. But a few days back I actually got thesame sprout as you 2 days after I putted my clones in big pots, I let it stay there, it's already 2 inches tall. I used plagron light mix with perlite.

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