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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by bennydino, Jul 7, 2017.

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    Hey guys so my plant is still bisplaying this weird problem. It did get nutes and too close to a light at a very young age from seed but it's been a month and the problem is still there.
    I've looked up and down for mites with a microscope and my humidity is constantly shifting and the plant grows fast, I'm getting a new lighting system and the soil reads healthy all around. Someone save my poor plant.
  2. Looks like a micro nutrient problem possibly. What's the ph you're running at? I have found that simply correcting ph can work wonders rather than trying to "fix" something or add something.

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  3. What is the substrate? If it's soil, it looks pretty young to be giving nutes.
  4. Repot it into fresh soil once it dries out very just almost dead dry. This will lessen the chance the root ball will fall apart and make it a less stressful repot. Give it some fresh soil, ONLY water and leave it alone. In the meantime, you need to take the time to read up on how to tend a plant in the indoor environment. Without a very base knowledge, you'll be having problems for months. Should've done that before you got a plant. Lighting is also something you must have for a successful indoor grow. Rate of growth is directly proportional to quality and wattage of light during each phase of the plant's life. Nutes are merely plant food and do not grow the plant. LIGHT grows the plant and does what most expect chemicals to do. Keep it simple with a soil grow. If the thing gets root bound and hungry, repot into some fresh soil. Once you actually get one or two through their lives and to harvest, you begin to understand more about the process. But there is a lot of very simple basic knowledge you need to get...and don't depend on what others tell you on here. Everybody wants to help but very few are on the same skill level and you'll find yourself messed up worse lots of times by the responses you get on here. Find a reliable proven source and educate yourself. You'll be very glad you did. TWW
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  5. It's not environmental your problem. It's root zone. a bigger pot ..your lighting can upgrade as well..make sure the runoff ph is in range and flush with 1/4 strength nutes until you see it catch up. and don't water log the root zone. GFP

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  6. My ph is 6.5 I'm feeding 1/2 strength at 5 weeks of veg, I'm getting a mars hydro light Monday 300w LED. I just transplanted and it's in a 3 gallon pot. Roots look healthy, they aren't balled or rotten.

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  7. Soil

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  8. This problem has been since seed tho

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  9. Well, maybe it's just a bad plant genetically predisposed to be stunted and have poor growth. Are you growing any other plants or is it just this one? Is this the same plant that you have another post for curling leaves?
  10. Just the one plant, honestly I've considered it

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  11. How's you're pH? Often it's a pH problem that locks out nutrients causing deficiencies.
  12. Why are you lecturing him or assuming he knows nothing? He asked a question - no harm done.

    And why lecture him on the importance of lighting - he said that he has a lighting system on the way, so I'm thinking he knows this...

    And the transplant lecture - you don't even know what size pot he's using of if he's transplanted or if his plants are root bound at all.

    Seems to be like he's got the basics and he was just looking for some troubleshooting help - and shouldn't be shamed for asking a question.
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