Mystery Pills (Help!)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by FaaipDeOiad, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, my buddy unloaded a mystery pill on me today..just said it was some sort of tranquilizer, its small and oblong, beige in color, one side has an A on it while the other has 8 and 0 on the other, i suspect a remron from his description...i've searched around to no avail, thanks in advance everyrone

  2. Mirtazapine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    LOL i bet he was feelin something at 1200mg..

    I didn't know what mirtazapine was so I had to google search it
  3. Remron is friggin nasty. Fuck that shit.
  4. Why? It wasn't really that bad, made me sleep like a motherfucker
  5. It sent me on a psychotic rage smashing shit, punching through walls and kicking the shit out of doors and ended up putting me in the Baker Act unit for 2 days.

    Anti-psychotics shouldn't be used unless you absolutely need them and they can cause more problems that what they "fix". I have to take seroquel every now and then to balance me out (I'm bipolar), but I could never see any reason why the other anti-psychotics should be prescribed unless you're completely batshit crazy, they're just too.. intense IMO&E.

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