Mystery in the Garden - Cannabis Resurrection?

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Can cannabis come back to life a year after it was harvested?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  3. Who knows what nature can do!

  1. This is my 10th season growing outside, and I have a few tent grows under my belt. Im in the south of Spain and this year my wife found a cannabis plant growing out of the compost pile where i throw the remains of harvested plants. I didnt pay it much mind at first because it was pretty small and I have alot of plants, plus I thought it was from a seed. After flowering for a bit I noticed something strange. The stem was laying horisontally on the ground and on closer inspection I see that it is clearly super cropped. Now here is the problem, I did not throw any plants this year. I did throw a bunch of plants that I harvested last year and my wife was moving soil around the garden at that time and she covered a bunch of em. This looks like a plant came back to life? Anyone ever seen anything like it? If anyone wants a photo of any part of the plant, to look closer it is still in the ground at this point.

    Im also posting a few photos from my garden.
  2. Following.

    I've never seen this before. Only thing I can say is that the mainstem seems old and it does actually seem like this plant has indeed came back to life. When did you throw it in the compost? Before or after winter?
  3. I think this is from my tent grow before last years season. So more than a year ago.
  4. That sounds crazy. Never heard of anything like that before. But from the pictures it clearly looks like it has re-rooted. The main steam is clearly old compared to the new growth.
  5. That is what Im seeing aswell!
  6. Re-veg is normal enough but usually on a rooted plant. For a cutting let's call it deep in flower / At Harvest to root is far more rare. It is hard enough to get an early flower cutting to root / clone that I usually don't bother if the pair taken in veg fail.

    For it to randomly happen in a compost pile is surely a one in a million shot. Play the Lottery, Fly to Las Vegas. Your on a winning streak and need to take advantage of it while it last. Bet the house limits. :)

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  7. Yeah, he definetely should buy an Euro Lotto ticket. I know about a few strains that grows around the equator that re veg and flower over and over again, but for a harvested "dead" plant to throw out roots after 1 year - i can say i've never heard of that happening before.

    But from the pictures it is clearly an old plant. Amazing.
  8. I appreciate the input! Thanks guys!

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