Mystery Creatures Body Found in Panama

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  1. Mystery Creatures Body Found in Panama

    A mystery creature's body found by a group of teenagers, while playing in the town of Cerro Arul north of Panama City CNN reports, 18-September, 2009. The creature with rubber like skin, 150cm length, with weird and ugly features and without any hair on the body was spotted by the group, according to reports kids got scared from that Gollum-like thing in the lake.

    Panamanian news service Telemetry reports, that the kids screamed when creature emerged from a cave and started hip hopping over rocks towards them as if intended to attack them, according to that group of teenagers they then stoned the mystery creature to death. Their parents returned to the lake the following day and were surprised to see the phenomenon. Later a team of researchers took out the body from Panama canal, photographed and then took that mystery creature's body for further forensic testing and research.

    These photographs caused a great speculation on the issue over web. There are no reports about any scientific observation. In picture visible hooked claw promotes the theory that creature was a sloth that by some means lost its hairs. According to viewers it is speculated that dead creature is actually a human fetus or some sort of genetic mutation . The alien like creature had received wide spread attention, many name have been given to the creature since then including “Gollum” and “New Montauk Monster”, whileas it feel that this is not just another story. There must be strict investigation in such matters to avoid unnecessary fuss and panic. To our surprise, no official statement has been issued yet.


    [ame=]YouTube - Mystery alien beast terrified kids in Panama (extraño ser en panama)[/ame]
  2. that thing is freaking crazy looking man
  3. I smell a conspiracy...
  4. Oh its just another weather balloon guys.

  5. My point exactly...
  6. Lol at this threAD, but that video is fucking creepy seriously why did i have to see that lmao
  7. I woulda caught it and kept it as a pet.
  8. I'm gonna go ahead and go with the sloth theory. ;)


  9. You can never go wrong with the sloth theory.


  10. Indeed. The Sloth Theory is also how I believe the universe was formed. :cool:
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    ya its a sloth. or my other theory of a ninja turtle without a shell...

    edit to note my lulz at the term "new montauk monster".. lolol.. montauk. now thats a fucking conspiracy! complete with holographic monsters and everything. gold mine of lulz.

  12. It was the fifth one, Filippo, that got aborted and flushed down the toilet at a Kansas rest stop. I suppose we know where our sewers lead to now.

    i have nothing else to add to that epic post. except a +rep

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