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Mystery Butter

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by TheNaturalist, Jan 25, 2014.

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    Hey blades, 
    I have encountered a mystery substance while making canna-butter, hopefully one of you can help me figure this out.

    My room mate and I used 80 grams of already blasted weed in 1 pound of butter. We slow cooked it on a double boiler for about two hours, strained it with two fine metal mesh strainers. Then added about a half cup of water, re heated. Immediately we noticed this "mystery butter" layer forming between the water and the bright green canna-butter:
    After cooling the mixture in the fridge over night we poured out the dirty water and separated the middle layer gunk from the butter.
    What is this stuff?

  2. Not sure but thinking the milk fats from the butter?
    Well if its a fat then its probably dank with THC, so i would want to eat it if its milk fats right? It looks gross though, so its hard for me to take the leap of faith and try it haha.
    Maybe its something gross, like plant waxes or something.

    What do you think, should I eat it?
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    It is not milk FATS it is milk SOLIDS the part that does not absorb thc, and i know its called solids but its liquidy too. To get it out you need toc clarify your butter before cooking it. i posted a great cannabutter recipe here which includes directions on how to clarify the butter to take all that crap out.
    Also that solid layer, isnt that the bud? doesnt look much like it to me but did you strain the bud out?
  5. Hey Cannabutter thanks for all of the advice, I definitely wont be eating that mystery layer in the canna-butter now. In your post you asked me if I removed the cannabis from the butter because it was so green. Yes I removed all the cannabis and then after washing the butter the final product was that color.
    I read your thread and found this comment about the color of the butter:
    I do not think that the final canna-butter product should be dark brown or black, this is a bad sign and probably leaves a bad taste in the butter.

    Try washing your canna-butter!
    Water and butter do not mix, so after you have filtered the nug from your butter you can use water to filter out any impurities that do not bind to the fat. 
    • Filter the bud from your hot canna-butter
    • Cut butter 50% with water
    • Put mix back onto double boiler to keep hot
    • stir vigorously for 5 minutes
    • pour mix into cup and let sit in fridge over night
    When the mix settles and cools your BRIGHT GREEN canna butter will have solidified as a layer on top of some nasty dark brown / black water full of all gunk that cant bind to fat.
    Another reason your butter may be turning so dark is if you are burning it, I noticed that you recommend a temp of 220 but water boils at 212 so idk how you get it that hot with a double boiler... just some food for thought, good luck on your canna butter journey 
  6. Well with the double boiler method i get the oil to 220 using my electric stove and a digital thermometer, an electric stove really envelops the heat around the pot as well as utilizing a lid will help keep your mixture hotter. Also with coconut oil it is supposed to come out very dark brown when it is liquid, the herb does not burn. When the coconut oil solidifies it is a normal green color. However when liquid, it should definitely be black.
  7. Oh that makes sense you were talking about coconut oil and I thought you were talking about butter! Anyways, after reading your thread I am definitely going to decarb my herb next time!

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