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Mystery bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankness92, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. So got this dank bud that my girl an i can't figure out what it is. it smells like deisel but also very piney looks dark green mostly saliva outdoor. she was thinking chemdawg but we've never had it just know it's mother of og and deisel had ecsd and nysd and it's neither, anyone came across a bud that taste like diesel fucked sum og?
  2. No don't have cam but it looks like chemdawg from what I've seen online but idk what chems like since have never tried it (or didn't know that's what it was)
  3. you cant tell what kind of bud you have just by looking at it. only if the grower got their seeds from a reputable seed bank and they dont make a few names up along the way
  4. But can't you atleast get an idea it's something related to diesel with a pine taste that's more specific then just the look
  5. it sounds like you did when you smelled it. there are hundreds of strains out there from hundreds of different genetics. to single it down to just 1 would be very difficult just by looking at it and smelling it
  6. names are just words
    smoke the bud, it sounds dank
  7. Wtf? Why are you trying to sit and figure out what a strain of dank is? Just smoke it. You know how many strains of weed smell diesely? Or piney? Or however your weed smells. Its damn near impossible to tell. And in reality it doesn't matter. Only thing that matters is the high. Just because bud has a name that doesn't make it automatically great. Or the same as bud of the same name.

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