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Mystery Bud

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pope of Dope, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. Ok, I just bought me a 1/2 pound of bud from a friend, but neither of us have a clue as to what the fuck it is. I will try to scan a bit of it on to my computer and post the pic here as soon as my bloody scanner starts working again. Until then, I will try to describe it.

    First of all, it is very heavy (I checked it over MANY times, and it isn't mixed with anything or sprayed), and what would normally be a gram weighs about 1.8 grams. Second, it has no resin crystals for some reason. Third, it is pitch fucking black. I thought it was black widow, but it has no other color: It's just pure black like burnt wood.

    I bought the whole 1/2 pound from my friend for 60$ (he thought it was crap because it had no resin crystals, and therefore didn't try any), and he bought it from a Chinese guy in Vancouver for about 700$. Now, I have one helluva high tolerance to weed, but I took no more than four hits of this shit from my bong, and I started to lose touch with reality in a way like n one has ever done before. :hippie: My guess is that this stuff is some bizarre form of salvia, but I am not sure. If anyone has any idea what this almost sacred bud is, please tell me.
  2. i'm thinkin its not bud. scanning it is not going to help identify it you'll need at least a cameara.
  3. If you dont find a name, call it the Black Death. Seeing as it seems to kill you after 4 hits.

    Does it even smell lihe ganja at all?

    Id like to see the scanned bud out of interest now.
  4. was it harsh at all? for some reason i keep picturing a piece of rubber lol eww
  5. bud thats pitch black,sir?:smoke:

  6. No, it certainly is bud. Just what kind of bud though, I don't know. Maybe it's some sort of strange crossbreed of generations of different plants. And yes, it was quite harsh. I had to install two filters in my bong and put a whole lot of ice in it to cool the smoke. Didn't help much, but worked a little better, anyway.

    I can't figure out why it is black though. It smells so damn good that you would probably kill to get some, and is intense to boot. Like I said before: My guess is that it is some sort of plant created from generations of crossbreeding.
  7. sounds like something out of a book
  8. definitely get a camera, because i want to see that stuff....sounds pretty crazy though, i didnt know that bud like that even exists
  9. Ehhh. . . . I don't think that I was very clear before. What I meant when I said I would scan it on was that I would scan on a picture, for I have a camera. And a shitty scanner that only works when it wants to, so I will have to wait a while. Maybe this stuff is some sort of special Chinese bud or something. . . .
  10. I would like to see this herb also. I have never heard of black colored nug befor.
  11. Get a picture up man.
  12. personally, i dont think id trust it. If you got it for 60, just "fundraise" it and buy something you can trust.
  13. scan that pic bro :smoke:
  14. A half pound of black bud....HAHAHAHAH for 60 bucks...

    You sure you didn't get sold some dirt mixed with grass clippings or some poor guys garden dug up an dried?

    I wouldn't be smoking black crystaless bud....that ain't kind..that aint even schwag. Whatever your getting bombed off sure as hell ain't thc.

    Edit: I call bullshit.... no one sells that amount for 60 and all your hype ain't making your bullshit any more believeable.

  15. yea i'd like to see a pic before i beleive any more hehe
  16. I've never heard of anything like that before. I keep getting horrible pics in my head of something like hash cut with motor oil, but this isn't hash. I concur with the others. post a pic.
  17. are the buds fluffly or flat or what....are there even buds?
  18. Weather or not it is weed I still wanna take a peek at what it looks like.
  19. Maybe it's salvia?

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