Mystery BUD!

Discussion in 'General' started by Puggs189, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. I've been smoking this really dank bud, very green, red hairs, crystals. And it smells like pine trees. REAKS of pine trees, i really love the bud its a good mellow fun high. But i cannot put my finger on what kind of bud it is, i doubt any1 could tell me by just hearing about it, but if you could lemme hear your thoughts!:bongin::bongin:
  2. Every year around Oct - Dec a good friend of mine gets some stuff called Xmas tree bud, its without a doubt the most potent bud I've ever smoked. It has an amazingly strong pine taste and smell. It's a treat when its around I haven't kept well contact with him as of late so I have no idea if I am getting any this year (Hope so) but it's pretty much right on to what you describe.

    Duno if thats it doubtful you'll figure it out asking on a forum but maybe :confused_2:
  3. Something about that name intrigues me.
    A bud with the novelty of being named after a nostalgic holiday with the scent of pine seems like it'd bring back good childhood memories.
  4. lol Im smoking on Xmas bud right now I love the shit

    stems taste and smell like pine

    weed smells like pine

    taste like pine

    gets you ripped

    oh and its only 90 a ounce and its 99% seedless nugget :D
  5. I agree with you guys, this bud smells of pines and gets me ripped, Merry Xmas lmao

    90$ an OZ head you lucky son ofa-......:smoke:
  6. Well, Head's a Texan, they are known for having THE cheapest weed prices.
  7. I love Christmas tree weed. I miss utah, I cant find it here, or at least my peoples dont keep it
  8. Sounds like a good Indica ..Im guessing. niice.

  9. yeah I get a 1/8 of regs for 5 dollars lol
  10. Well you're in the minority. Round here we actually pay... $green$ for our green schwags always cheap you get what you pay for.
  11. another month and i'll probably start seein the good ol x-mas bud. last year it was runnin $70/ O, not heavy pine smell, though. just high mids for a great price
  12. I might have to be taking a road trip down to texas lol

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