Mysterious water forming on fan leaves?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Diggity2Dank, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Ok now this has got to be the 3rd or 4th time I have walked into my grow room and have seen water on my fan leaves.

    only appears on one plant at a time but its becomming more frequent and I'm not sure how the water is forming on the leaves?

    Do fan leaves xpell extra moisture from the leaves?
  2. Samething happened to me are you using hydro method too?
  3. yes they perspire mostly during the dark period.... I'm glad you're posting up in this regard because every detail counts.... You'll want an oscillating fan set on them, and increase your exhaust fan speed.... keep the humidity lower... BTW what's your RH?
  4. No hydro just soil grow for me it's weird to see. When I first started noticing it I would look up and stare at the ceiling like thinking there was a leak or something.
  5. leaves 'sweat' the hotter it is the more they sweat. When 2 leaves are lying against each other it will trap the moisture instead of it evaporating...just as if you crossed your legs, they'd get sweaty in between.
  6. Both inline fans are on 24/7 same with my oscillating fan.

    I dont have a tempature or humidty monitor in there I know I need to get one but my room stays at a cool 79 degrees thx to my AC unit.
  7. that's a great temperature. i mean good,, not too high... however higher temps to tend to facilitate higher humidity....

    you should be able to identify if there's too much (above 55%) humidity in there if condensation builds on glass, the walls or ground, if you smell a musky or moldy odor, or if you notice allergic reaction. also you can buy a hygrometer for around 5-10$ (however a digital one monitoring high and low temps and or with a remote reader is ideal)

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