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Discussion in 'General' started by mo_bud, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. So anyways Im going to school in St.louis Missouri as of now, and two of my friends informed me of this ad on mtv that consists only of this:

    Its Coming


    Rolla, Mo

    (The add contains some lightning graphics)

    So i called the rolla city hall and the cable company that ran the ad, nobody has a clue what it is.

    This seems very odd, I figured if someone would want to advertise something they would want as many details exposed as possible.

    Its almost impossible to predict WHAT it is that is coming, anyone have an inside scoop?!
  2. funny name, this mo?
  3. this kinda shit happens all the time, they build up anticipation with people.

    leaving out as much detail as they can creats a wide range of people that will look into it, ya digg?

    its marketing shit, its prolly ganna be for a new tv series or some shit. i wouldnt worry about it untill its here.
  4. If its on MTV then its going to be something I don't give a shit about. MTV blows.
  5. "mtv makes me wanna smoke crack
    fall out of the window and I'm never comin back"- Beck.
  6. fact: MTV does blow, its a joke.

    Mobud, thats a coincidence, ive never seen your name on here, its like finding a long lost brother of some sort..

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