Mysterious, Triangle-Shaped Alien Skull Found in Peru

Discussion in 'General' started by Led Zepp, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    Mysterious, triangle-shaped

    Human or not, it is quite creepy and unusual. It could be a birth defect, or it could be a forced shape, or even extra-terrestrial.

    What are your thoughts?
  2. probably just some birth defect, I doubt aliens would look exactly like humans
  3. Far too many coincidental 'defects' to label it that. There is no explanation for the enlarged eye sockets, as well as an open fontanelle which does not exist in mature Homo-sapiens. And why couldn't they look like Humans? What if us Humans look like them? We were created in 'their' image were we not? :smoking:

    Definitely a very interesting find man. Hopefully they get down to DNA testing to really figure out whether or not it's human, without all of the speculation.
  4. Aliens wouldn't have skulls...they'd be from highly pressurized atmospheres and their bodies would be made of some kind of gelatinous cartilage. Bone breaks under pressure.

    Silly European scientists trying to drum up some attention :rolleyes:
  5. you hang on to that dream kid, and don't let go
  6. That's the only response you can muster? I expected something with a little more substance. I didn't say it was an alien did I. I simply stated that more evidence needs to be produced ala DNA testing for us to be sure.
  7. what the fuck am i looking at, i just stared at it for like five minutes

    that thing on the left :confused:
  8. I've seen more triangle headed folks around than this poor sucker.

  9. You do know that...if petrified calcium remains (bones) contained DNA, we wouldn't be having this discussion in the first place
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    I wonder if some aliens on another planet have ever found human remains buried somewhere on their planet that got there for some unexplained reason and have said things like, "Well, it looks similar to us so it's probably just another Galgamac with a birth defect".

  11. Who knows? Maybe there was some type of sample of genetic material found belonging to the skeleton that could be used. They were already discussing DNA testing in the article, so they must have some source of genetic material which was present. I mean, I'm no expert, but I would speculate that with a polarizing find like this which could potentially rock our scientific foundations, they would go to any length to get to the bottom of it.

  12. Probably not since we haven't even made it to Mars yet :rolleyes:

  13. why would they have to be fro, highly pressurized atmospheres. As far as rocky, inner planets go, we have a very high pressure atmosphere, yet here we are, skeletons and all...

    why couldnt they come from a low pressure planet?

    ...bone marrow contains dna.
  14. And this is why I said unexplained reasons.
  15. Ever think of the possibilities of ANYTHING?

    For all we know there's another galaxy of fully inhabited planets of some other intelligent race but they're so far away that we just haven't noticed. Maybe they know we're here, but just can't reach us. You really never know.
  16. I've thought about this a lot. And in keeping with the description of this forum, I have also thought about how it would suck to meet the aliens and have them be cool as fuck, but then try and smoke weed with them and have it poison and kill them. Or vice/versa. Maybe they would have some bad ass alien plant they get stoned on that would kill us. There are all sorts of weird possibilities out their. What about a color we have never seen before on another planet?
  17. pretty big eye sockets you could fit like 3 eye balls in each one
  18. "Somewhere in the universe there must be something better than man. In a matter of time, an astronaut will travel through the centuries and find the answer. He may find the most terrifying thing of all on the planet is where apes are the rulers, and man the beast." - on the back of a shirt of a guy in a grow book I have hahah love it

  19. This couldnt happen, because our eyes can only pick up colors in a specific wavelength range...
    Our future offspring, given the right conditions for developing this ability, could
    possibly see other "colors"

    Even the chances for that are pretty unlikely, as it seems our environmental stimulus will remain relatively the same for the next 1000 or so years.

    however, what if we discover interdimensional existance, where color wavelengths take on different properties, based on the dimensiom we see them from...
  20. yeah it's like some animals can see in infrared and such, we're out of luck on the light thing, UNLESS we went to a different universe entirely...I think there's theories that there are other universes with different laws of physics and such
    think about that tho...different universe with different laws of physics, crazy shit man

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