Mysterious Men Repelling From Unmarked Helicopters, Chopping Down Medical Marijuana Plants

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by lightupbong, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. Sounds like cartel thieves. I would have a firefight on my hands if they came near my plants.
  2. Yeah sounds like rival growers trying to wipe out the supply so there's will be worth more .

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  3. the person in the article actually came here and made a post. I cant find it anymore
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    I read about this over on the mag there's quite a big discussion on it already.  Scary stuff. 
    They are not theives as they are not taking anything with them.  Simply cut and go it seems.
    I can't help but wonder if this is for real or just scare mongering propaganda?
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    We have random people in the country driving to the border with 4-wheelers and there favorite rifle and "defending" our borders, and no one is stopping them. 

    So its not a far stretch someone like them has a rich friend with a chopper. When you have so much money and life is boring, some people go play make believe hero.
    Best part is who ever they are they are snuggled up in there bed somewhere thinking to themselves "they will thank me one day". little do they know they are chopping away a kids seizure medication and leaving the shit that gets people high. 
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    Rich board people in ca cutting down plates with armed groups. Now that is silly.
    This is all goverment work.
  7. Of course, everyone knows "private militias" are nothing but stuff in the movies, the only the government does anything like that. i mean there are only giant companies around the world that sell militiary grade private equipment for "private mercenary work".you would think someone so covert from the government would actually do it without getting caught, or cut down the right plant.

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