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    I Speak my mind. I like to add my own style into everything. I surf, i play guitar, i skate and basically do everything that is new or that i can incorperate style into. I appreciate nature for all its natural beauty. The only mind expansion (things) i put into my body come out of the ground. I dont call mushrooms and pot drugs. I call them what they are. Drugs are things that make you feel better. Things that come out of the earth are what they are. meant to be taken by everyone, or they wouldn't grow naturally! I love animals especially my dog. All animals have personalities, all animals can learn off you and each other just as we learn off things and each other. im a simple person. i can sit there under a tree with a joint and write for hours apon hours. I rarely smoke bongs. I believe everything has a way to be done, its just finding the right way to do it. I admit iv learnt alot (maybe to much) off smoking and eating mushrooms. But i love it and i dont see it taking any negative impact on me or my life. just positive. Government is a load of shit. Im getting a house and living off the land as soon as i can.
    I love everyone for who them am(if thats who they portray) if they portray someone else, i can pick it straight away and i really dont like them at all.
    I could keep going but no one will read, no one will probably read.
    but i came across a thing that said introduce yourself if your new so i did.
    here you go who ever wants to read..
    look forward to getting to know you all and learn from you.
  2. Hey dude, welcome to the city!

    Of course some of us will read! That's the best introduction i've read in a long time actually!

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