Myrtle Beach, SC tokers??

Discussion in 'General' started by rpat23, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. wats to the site and just wonderin where the fuck all the Myrtle Beach tokers are at?
  2. right here!
  3. im in sc just not in myrtle beach will be there in june tho
  4. here as well
  5. Yo I'm going to school in Charleston, hows the bud scene down there?
  6. supppp
  7. if your going to college of charelston the bud there was pretty good but kind of pricey and i would recommend bringin a scale with you
  8. Not from myrtle beach but I have done a good share of toking there.:smoke:
  9. Thanks, I'm planning on picking one up before I get down there.
  10. right here man, drop me some pm's guys :smoking:
  11. Greenville SC dude drop a pm
  12. your cop.. piggy pig.. all your posts either say i got some hit me up.. or i need some shit.. sooo there for...

    FUCK THE MUTHA FUCKIN POLICE!!! an thats directly from the heart..
  13. gville drop a pm
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    is myrtle beach like a big smoking spot? i'm from the midlands of SC btw, i'm surprised I haven't heard of this

    +1 for South Carolina, i love this place
  15. i never said i had any, i just signed up on this site to ask around cause i'm looking for some and having trouble finding people in socastee.
  16. whats up everybody, im gonna be movin to myrtle beach in january and was just wonderin how the smoke is down there. Prices? Quality?
  17. i think prices in myrtle are pretty standard for headies....(i'm up in greenville)
    20 a gram
    60 8th
    100-120 quarter
    380 + for an onion.

    midgrade i have no idea. probably 100 an ounce or a little more

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