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  1. Whats the best way to hang it and get it to stay on the walls?
  2. I use duct tape to tape it to the walls and it works great for me.
  3. Thanks!! Those are great ideas especially the velcro strips!! i will probably just use the duct tape though, thought of using a staple gun but idk
  4. i use a staple gun. I was using tape before but found that its a total pain once u hit corners and plus u tend to use as much tape that the cost of 10 dollar staple gun and staples tends to be cheaper faster and stronger hold. The tape i was using was reflective ducting tape 7 buck a role and i have used 2-3 rolls so it costed more than my new staple gun and looked a 100x more sloppy than the staples
  5. Now I am far from an expert, rather a newbie lol!!! I have had bad experiences with Mylar. If it is not setup right, and their are creases or folds in it. Then you run the risk of burn spots. This is caused by light waves being focused in one concentrated area. I would suggest you return your Mylar and pick up: Hydrofarm Black & White Poly. It's more expensive. But it can be moved, reused and it won't cause hot spots.

  6. my room is very large so i think that i will be alright as far as burn spots, plus i have more than just me putting it up i guess time will tell, dont really have the money for anything else at the moment
  7. If ur doing a large room get a staple gun

    It took me 3 hours to set up the emergency blankets in my wardrobe with tons of sticky head aches. My staple gun and mylar took 30 mins to do the whole thing over again.

    that is if u have something to staple it to if not use tape :)
  8. well it"ll be going on the walls of an 10x11x8 room :) should i do the ceiling?!?
  9. How far from the wall is your light source? If it's too far, you could be mostly wasting your time with the mylar.
  10. I'll put in a second vote for velcro to hang mylar. It can be tough to get it totally smooth with a mirror finish on the very first try, velcro makes it easy to keep adjusting at each corner to get it pulled nice and tight.
  11. another suggestion with mylar, try and get at least the 2 mil as the 1 mil rips easily.

  12. its in the middle of the room but will have more light soon enough as i plan on filling the whole space.
  13. Fair enough. I was really just pointing out that the rapid drop off of light intensity at a distance means that once you leave the light, hit the wall, and come back, if the light is too far away what little you get back won't be worth the trouble to reflect it.
  14. 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive works great. Do a reasonable sized piece of mylar at a time, maybe up to 4' by 4' or so, whatever you think you can work with. Spray the back of the mylar and the surface you're putting it on with a light layer of the Super 77 then stick and use a paint roller to smooth out. With patience and practice you can get a mirror shine. The nice thing is it's very easy to remove too if you need to replace it later.

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