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  1. Hi all just something I need an answer to.

    When using Mylar in a grow room do I have to cover the whole space or just the walls, I.E do I have to cover the floor & ceiling with this material to get the most from my grow room?

    Cheers guys & gals.
  2. cover the whole room if you can.......that way the light will bounce back up off the floor, and provide light underneath........Peace out.........Sid
  3. Hi Sidious.

    Thanks for your advice I will follow it to the letter,I know I have alot to learn but with the friends around me that are guiding me & all you guys & gals.

    Thanks all.

    Live long & happy
  4. i use the cheaper, stronger and allmost as reflective white plastic on the floors.
    mylar does not last well when used as a floor.
  5. Will any white plastic do, and where do i get mylar, and if diff types what type do I get?
  6. It's simpler to just paint everything flat white.
  7. yeah i painted the room white, but i couldn't bring myself to paint the laminate floor out.........Sid

  8. any will do but u can get the propper stuff from grow shops where u can also get ur mylar
  9. id paint the room white all aound then mylar on the walls.
  10. I use space blankets from the camping stores they run about a buck for a sheet aprox 5'x6' and they are prity sturdy. good luck

  11. same here.... mylar rips way too easily to be on the floor, especially if your going to be walking on it...
  12. And it scratches easily.
  13. and many different chemicals (fertilizers, etc.) cause it to lose its reflective finish :smoke:
  14. you could always put mylar down on the floor and cover the floor with clear acrylic, which may actually absorb light instead. but it also scratches easily so it may in time turn out to be a pointless investment. Your best bet is to just paint it white like everyone else is saying.
  15. You gave me an idea, use polished stainless steel :) too bad its so expensive. I bet a trip to the local scrapyard would get a good piece that just needs some buffing. Im dreamin.... but it would be nice.
  16. or fill your room with plants, that way no light gets as far as the floor.

  17. i think it acts kind of like a mirror, creating hot spots, and absorbing ome of the light, mirrored aluminum does the same, being why so many of the best reflectors have dimpled inserts.... but anyways, might be worth a try... if youve got an electronic light meter, your could test how much light is reflected from different surfaces....
  18. Iv'e seen mylar used on ebb a and flow tables, they just lay it out and out over the hydro substrate and cut and X where each plant goes.

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