Discussion in 'General' started by nyc-smoker, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Where could i buy mylar ???
  2. You want to use it to reflect light in a grow room?
    You're better off painting the walls flat white. It reflects
    more light, and Mylar gets really dirty and is hard to clean.
    From what I've heard. I may be wrong, as I've never grown
    a plant in my life.

    I killed parsley. How hard is that?
  3. oh, ok so....... Where do i buy it ?
  4. that's the shit they wrap marathon runners in- try a sports shop.
  5. anyone else have an idea ?
  6. you can get mylar at hydroponic stores, but it is expensive.

    mylar reflects 98% of light and flat white paint is less than that.

    a cheaper soulution is getting some emergency blankets, wal-mart sells em cheap.

    you know those tin foil looking blankets in emergency kits and stuff
  7. what percentage does the blanket put out?

    btw i saw a vid where a guy used mylar on the walls and had poreous white plastic lining in front of it to increase light, now that worked really well dont know what that stuff was.
  8. you can get some nice rolls of mylar on ebay.

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