Mylar vs Sun reflector for dashboard of car

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  1. turns out they dont sell mylar at any home depot near i lined the inside of my pc growbox with the dashboard reflector for a car..i have seen it in a lot of growboxs but never heard any negative responses on it..can anybody tell me if i shouldnt be using this?
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    I'd think that'd work just as good. The more reflection the better, there's really no bad way (well, tinfoil maybe) if it reflects light...

  3. You should be able to find some aluminum tape at Home Depot. It works great. I've personally never used a sun reflector so I couldn't tell you how good it is to grow with.
  4. Do NOT use tin foil. It creates hotspots because of the wrinkles.

    The sun-shield for cars is a good alternative to mylar.
  5. Ah the fabled "HOT SPOTS", I dunno I buy into this story alittle bit I guess but I would think that it only raises it a few degrees, but then again I guess even that could be detrimental to your op..
  6. better safe than sorry. Although, if you have extra space, time and seeds, why not mythbust this aluminum foil vs mylar thing. :D

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