Mylar vs. Mirror

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  1. OK, I've been using mylar in my grow cab, with success and have come across a perfect sized mirror that can replace the mylar. My question is, is it worth it? Labor is not my problem, I just want to make sure upgrading a component not down-grading!:wave:
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  2. Downgrade.
  3. Down grade, because it sucks light up or could create hot spots. Stick with mylar.
  4. Mirrors are no better or worse than mylar, but it does make ofr better pitcures of your grow.
  5. also interested in this idea as we have no mylar but a very large, currently unused mirror.
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  6. You may be right, but it doesnt make sense. Mylar is made to reflect "light" back, mirrors are made to reflect "images" back. I would go with the mylar.
  7. Ok-I'll stick with the Mylar on the walls. But how about putting the mirror underneath the grow, so the lights reflect up. The mirrors are big enough to hold 6 plants.

    I love the idea of using the mirrors to make the grow look double the size.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how to keep mylar under the plants from blowing from my fans.
  8. If its going to be under the plants then they should act as weights. Find a couple small rocks or something to keep the corners down or something with a bit of weight.

  9. No. No mirrors in grow space allowed. Mirrors do not reflect light well. In fact, they actually absorb some of the light. On top of that, they create hot spots in the grow space. Mirrors are a no, no. Stick with mylar or flat white paint (No glossy paint.)
  10. Thanks to everbody for their opionion, I will not use the mirror for this application.

    In regards to Mylar, do you suggest putting a layer on the floor, below the pots, or just under the plants themselves (on top of the Soil) or both?

  11. it might not help alot to have it under the plant, but the more the better i say

  12. really are you serious?

    all that we see is simply light bouncing off the surfaces of objects. mirrors reflect that light back to us.

    How does a mirror reflect light? "Mirrors that we see every day in bathrooms are very flat surfaces that reflect almost all the light."

  13. hahahhaha...i thought i was the only one who picked up on that!!
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    Well you might just be to fucking smart for me. Were talking grow rooms. Do your plants have eyes that see the light ???? Will this benefit them in anyway???? I didnt think so..... So before you come in trying be smart read the forum and see what the fuck were talking about. For his situation mylar would be better.
  15. uhh... the plants absorb the light they don't need to see it

    that's kind of the whole point.
  16. No shit, and mylar is made to reflect the light back to the plant. I dont know to much about it all, but it seems that you dont know fuck all.
  17. i would say a mirror reflects light better...

    so well that you can see images clearly in it. clearer than in mylar.

    the only reason a mirror would suck in a grow room, i'm guessing, is that it could create one hell of a hotspot. which is what some (more experienced) folks said.

    the only thing ensano is trying to say is that images ARE light...light reflected (by a mirror or mylar) or just absorbed (by the eye). mylar and mirrors just work to different capacities.

    like, maybe a mirror works too well?
  18. I see exactlly what he is saying. But you would see alot more people with mirrors in their grow room if they were a benifit to the plant. Mylar is made to reflect the light back without the hot spots and thats why you see it being used. We use mirrors to see images and scientifically thats how we see them by the light reflecting back. They dont work in the same concept when your looking for something to bounce the light back to your plant.
  19. The images you see in a mirror (including yourself) is light. Its how the eye developes images to the brain. Honestly mylar is easier to work with but a mirror would deffinatley be better it reflects all light. Theres a reason why people use mylar to view the sun.
  20. Has any one here ever grown anything indoors before using a mirror??

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